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Nubian Wedding Book  

Reviewed by Vanessa Snyder

ouple taking their vowsWhen Ingrid Sturgis was planning her wedding eight years ago, she wanted to add a touch of African-American culture and history to her ceremony.

While a shortage of time prevented her from including such touches in her own wedding, her research into wedding rituals and customs within African-American culture and history continued.

"The Nubian Wedding Book" (Crown Publishers, $25) is the result of her years-long project. The book, part planner and part history, takes apart every aspect of the wedding and offers suggestions and historical background for those who want their wedding to reflect an African- American heritage.

Couple"I started asking people what their ceremonies were like and what vows they used, and no one could remember, " says Sturgis. "Even some people who had written their vows couldn't remember them. Something that deals with words that commit you to another person should be remembered, so I looked for words of wisdom and love and devotion. Some I created myself."

For example, instead of the traditional wording recited when exchanging rings, Sturgis offers this possibility: "Take this ring as a symbol of my sweet embrace."

Drawing from African's Yoruba tribe, Kwanzaa principles, the Bible and even the words of Martin Luther King, she offers brides a wealth of ideas and options for creating a unique wedding ceremony.

Couple dancingInstructions on implementing libations, special prayers, broom jumping ceremonies, unique bridal showers and recipes for a Black Wedding Cake and more are included.

The book is filled with an assortment of black and white photos of weddings from the 1920s through the 1990s. Sturgis also intersperses poetry and real-life romantic stories throughout the chapters, which cover everything from courtship and bridal showers, to toasts and vows for second marriages.

Making the book romantic was her goal. "I wanted stories about being in love and staying in love," says Sturgis. "We don't hear about those who stay together through thick and thin."

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