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By Martin ( - on Wednesday, February 7, 2001 - 05:16 am:

I have visited other websites and found there
are similarities among other people conscerning
cultural bombs, interracial dating on the basis of
color complexes and status climbing, and many
other similarities between the minorities in the

What I find interesting is how much whites fear
a unified black community. You don't find them in
asian forums like you find them here. Whenever and
WHERE ever blacks try to socialize politically
amongst themselves or talk about our experiences,
whites are sure to show up to devide and conquer.

Usually coming as friends (aka colonialist) that
say lets all be friends. Whites only want peace
with blacks as longs as they remain in power over
black communities. In other words a nice boss.

Generally butting there way into conversations
they neither want nor try to understand.


Here is a good one. Talks about the good and
bad side of interracial dating, asian community,
politics, asian culture, etc. (just like ours lol)



Another good one for asians. This guy has the kind
of color blindess I like. Supports his racial
heritage (no assimilation) but is open to dating
others. He has no color complex

Here is a paragraph he wrote about that:

But to me, being Japanese-American has more to
do than just how I look and how others treat me
because of it.  I have, within me, elements of
Japanese culture passed down to me via my parents
and grandparents.   These personality and value
traits are what make being Japanese-American

And I see little being done to preserve this mix
of American and Asian cultures that reside in most
of we early-generation Asian Americans.  As we
assimilate, each generation becomes in action,
values, and behavior, more "white-bread".   Each
generation of Asian-Americans becomes more
identifyable solely by its looks, not its heart.

That’s just really sad.



Indian site

Im kinda iffy About the communist part but the
"Eurocentric history" part is too familiar to
ignore. Also talks about how the west likes to
photograph only the worst of the east
sometimes....just like africa.


Toward an Indian Theory of Revolution. Part of
the legacy of colonial rule is the Eurocentric
denial that India has any political tradition of
its own. But there are many sources of such a
tradition in Indian Darshan from the time of the
Rig Veda to that of the heroic struggles against
imperialist domination. A new communist movement
must settle scores with the old conscience of
India by developing a political theory that draws
from the theories of the past but carries them
further on the basis of contemporary conditions.



Indian site.

An article concerning History as cultural bomb
article from an Indian:

Our view of human history colors the perception
of who we are in a fundamental way. It creates the
infrastructure of ideas according to which we
interpret the world. Like the limitations of our
senses we seldom question the limitations of our
historical view, which we take as a given fact,
even though it changes with every generation. Each
society creates an idea of history through which
it interprets civilization in its own image.

In the modern age science, technology and
rational materialism have created an historical
view that makes ancient Greece, in which the seeds
of modern culture arose, the basis of civilization
as a whole. It looks to the precursors of
civilization in the ancient Near East, Sumeria and
Egypt, from which the Greeks derived the rudiments
of their culture. This view ignores or denigrates
other ancient traditions like those of India,
China or Mesoamerica as of little importance.

Indeed if we examine books on world history
today we discover that they are largely histories
of modern Europ, with non-European cultures turned
into a mere footnote, or simply dismissed as
primitive, that is not technologically advanced,
however spiritually or artistically evolved they
may have been.



By Martin ( - on Wednesday, February 7, 2001 - 05:58 am:

More websites that are similar to ours for other

A long article talking about Asian issues.

From the article:

Whether in language or in other courses, we need
to serve this population in sensitive ways. We can
no longer teach South Asian Studies as a foreign
subject, but we must view it as a form of ethnic
studies, much as Jewish studies has been taught in
ways that are not dominated by either
world-civilization or antiquarian concerns, or by
a location in the Near East.

A majority of our students are no longer
intellectual adventurers with an eye peeled for an
exotic India, but young people who struggle to
recover the cultural heritage from which they have
been separated by a primary and secondary school
curriculum that remains western and Eurocentric.



Has a few books on Eurocentric colonialism and

More to co

By Martin ( - on Monday, March 5, 2001 - 11:03 am:

More from "AsianPrideForever"


Asian Interracial Dating
"Asian women are 2.5 times more likely to be
married to white men than Asian men (Asian women
are also
more likely to marry non Asian minority men than
Asian men as well). .. and the number of
marriages are overwhelmingly black husband–Asian
wife.  Asian husband–black wife couples are
-- US Census Marital Status and Living

When it comes to interracial couples involving an
Asian, 99.99% are Asian woman/non Asian man but
whose really at fault and should we even be
concerned? 10 Questions to ask yourself first: 

1. When you see an Asian interracial couple, why
is it almost always (barring a few cases) that
it's an Asian woman with a non Asian guy? 

2. If love is colorblind, is it also gender blind
(see 1 above)? 

3. If people date whoever their heart desires, why
don't female hearts desire Asian brothers (see 1

4. Most Asian parents don't seem to care when
their daughters go with a non Asian guy but these
same parents insist their sons marry Asian only. 

5. At Asian parties, you're gonna see Asian girls
bringing their non Asian boyfriends, but at white
parties, do you see a lot of white girls bringing
their Asian boyfriends?  At black parties, do you
see a lot of black girls bringing their Asian

6. Why is it so much more difficult for an Asian
guy to go out with a non Asian girl than it is for
an Asian girl to go out with a non Asian guy?

7. An appreciable portion of Asian girls will tell
you their preference is for non Asian (usually
white) guys.  How come rarely if ever do you hear
non Asian girls stating a preference for Asian

8. How come half Asian kids almost always have
western surnames? 

9. How does the Asian American situation differ
from the Native American situation, i.e.
assimilating the women while leaving the men until
after a few generations nobody has Indian names
and no one looks Indian? 

10. Why do us brothers tear into each other
fighting over the few Asian chicks that are
willing to date us? 

Of course there are examples of Asian guys with
non Asian girls and Asian girls who are with Asian
guys" but  those are individual cases and
individual cases don't shape the world, it's the
mass population that does. 

Future "Asians" will have western names and will
not look Asian, they will have an Asian ancestor.

The cause is the simple, Asian men father fewer
children and do so later in life while Asian women
are primarily with non Asian men.

Face Value: 
    Are we not all part of only one race, the
human race?  Doesn't true love know no color? 
Isn't it good to explore new cultures?  Doesn't
every couple have a special story of how they met
and fall in love? 

    At the end of the day, all roads lead to one
path and when we take all the stories of all the
couples, it's obvious that inter-racial dating is
not an appropriate term to use. 

    In our case, interracial dating is a one way
street and therefore assimilation is a more
accurate expression.  Asians are becoming part of
other ethniticies speaking their languages,
adopting their culture, and bearing their names. 

    Assimilation or breeding out is not a new
concept.  It happens in nature all the time and
it's happened throughout history.

   In the beginning, the land of the earth was a
single mass.  This is scientifically proven and is
obvious as you can fit the continents together
much like a jigsaw puzzle.  Man gradually evolved
at some place in this mass, then after the
continents split apart and man evolved
separately.  When a species is separated, they
will evolve independently of each other according
to their environment. 


By Martin ( - on Monday, March 5, 2001 - 11:06 am:

The result was three races: Negro, Caucasian, and
Mongoloid.  To be more clear, here are the
definitions according to the Webster's

Negro: Person of (non Northern) African ancestry. 

Caucasian: People of European, Northern African,
and Southwest Asian ancestry. 

Mongoloid: People of Northern and Eastern Asian,
Malaysian, Eskimo, and American Indian ancestry.
    In nature when one or more species coexist,
the dominant take over the weak, the males father
the children and in a few generations, the
dominant species has taken over. 

The Formula: 
  Take for example Australian Aborigines and the
American Indians.  Assimilate the women, leave the
men, and in a few hundred years the continent will
have no native peoples to speak of
A few hundred English with guns didn't just land
land in Jamestown and shoot all the Indians.  This
process took a few centuries.  Assimilation also
played a huge part in reducing the Indian
population to less than .1% today.   Total time -
about 300 years.   In Australia this was more
forceful as govermnment programs mandated this but
the end result is the same.

How long is 300 years: 
    If the beginnings of life on this earth until
now is a 64 page book, man would only appear on
the second half of the 64th page.  300 years is
not even one word on that page. 

What are the Indian similarities: 
1. They were their own worst enemy being divided
amongst themselves.  The British helped tribe A
defeat tribe B, then helped tribe C defeat tribe
D, and so on.  If you're British, German, Polish,
Italian, you're white.  We're divided into
Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and so on. 
Asians are notorious for fighting against each

2. The beauty of women.  It wasn't always the
"exotic Oriental".  It used to be the "squaw". 
Ever heard the expression: "coming home to the
squaw"?  Many Americans have an Indian ancestor
(most often a woman) but now, are the any Indian
names, language, culture, do any of these people
even consider themselves Indian.  Standards of
beauty are set according to an easy prey.  It's
simple, men want an easy target and women want a
dominant man to father their children. 

3. Men sitting by passively and doing nothing to
for themselves. 

Who's to Blame: 
   Parents, culture, but ultimately ourselves.
   In many Asian families, all the daughters marry
non-Asians and the sons are either not married or
married to an Asian.  The parents are usually the
ones that are not concerned and sometimes pleased
when their daughters marry non Asians, yet insist
that the son(s) marry Asian only.  They also
usually provide a boring, dominating, and
conservative household resulting in Asian girls
having more fun with other families than their

   Parents place heavy emphasis on studying at the
expense of learning the more important social
skills necessary to survive.  Parents also have a
tendency of keeping Asian guys away from sports
because they fear for safety.  The young guy's
suffers a major loss of confidence as a result. 
Our culture.  Asians adore whites, especially
the Japanese.  A famous Japanese actress came to
the US and had an affair with some white bus boy
in a restaurant.  The bus boy wrote a book about
it and sold like hot cakes in Japan.  Everybody
loved it and she was adored for it.  It's the
fantasy for most Japanese women to have sex with a
white or a black.  This is implemented as many
young Japanese girls living near U.S. military
bases in Japan are impregnated by black soldiers. 
The Chinese word for the US "mei guo" means
"Beautiful Land".  Asians adore foreigners and
aspire to give ourselves to them because we tend
to harbor a lot of self hate brought on by lack of


By Martin ( - on Monday, March 5, 2001 - 11:09 am:


   But at the end of the day the life of the Asian
man is his own responsibility.  Asian men don't
have to follow the demands of their parents, Asian
men don't have to adhere to these aspects of Asian
culture and if we choose to, then we should also
be prepared for the consequence.  Can't have it
both ways.

Where do they go: 
Asians have been immigrating to the US mainly from
China, Korea, and Vietnam for about thirty years
but the census says Asians remain at only 3% of
the total US population.

The reason is that there is no "Multi-racial"
category on a census form.  The verdict by the US
government .. you are the race of your father,
period.  So if you are mixed with an Asian mother,
you're not Asian by law. 

Asian Americans: 
    It's "cool" to make fun of Asians and to make
Asians out to be the enemy.  It's definitely not
"cool" to be Asian.  That's why no one wants to be
part of the Asian community. 

    The early years are the most impressionable
and growing up, people see Michael Jordan, Mel
Gibson, Antonio Banderas, Mark MacGuire, etc and
not one Asian that they look up to or respect. 
Girls love guys they can respect or admire and
personal taste develops at an early age. 

    The fact of the matter is that Asian men
command no respect in this society and therefore
are not considered desirable by females.  Ask a
female if she could have any guy in the world who
she'd choose and not one will pick an Asian guy,
not even Asian girls. 

    A lot of this has to do with societies
overemphasis on height. The formula is simple, set
the standard in disfavor of the "enemy", take the
women and leave the men.  What you'll notice is
men will go for the tallest, biggest
Asian women they can get, leaving Asians with the
smaller ones.  This makes their gene pool bigger
and our smaller further increasing the difference
in size. 
    Another big problem is the lack of
unification, there is no Asian music station, no
(mainstream) Asian TV programs, there's not much
that binds us together.  We are all loosely spread
both geographically and socially.  If you take a
ton of snow and spread it across across 10 acres,
it will melt in a matter of minutes.  Take the
same amount and roll it into a single mass and it
will take weeks to melt.  Not helping is the fact
that Asians can't agree on anything.

The Model Minority: 
    At the same time, we are the model minority
because we don't give trouble.  We perform the
most technical work, we are absent in politics and
the media, and Asian women are most often with
non-Asians.  Asians are all giving.  You are
American as long as you do the work and not give
trouble.  That's what the model minority is.  The
minority that provides the most benefit to the

The opposition: 
    People will claim it's "special" and "natural"
for an Asian woman to be with a non Asian (usually
white) man.  People will claim that the
assimilation of Asian women is a testament to
their beauty.  Individual couples will be
outspoken about their relationship and their love
for each other.  There are dozens of cases and
reasons that try and make you feel better about
the situation but none of these will address the
fact that an Asian woman outside Asia is far more
likely to be with a non-Asian man. 

    Popular beliefs are that there is someone for
everyone, fate.  Is it really the fate of most
Asian men to not have anyone until they're 40 if
they get anything at all?  Things happen because
people make them happen. 

    Another theory is "there are so many Asians on
this earth".  Not true.  There are far more
Caucasians than Asians (America's, Europe,
Australia, Russia).  Currently the world's
population estimate is in the neighborhood of 5.9
billion people.  Out of the, Asians are ~2.1
billion and Caucasians are ~3.3 billion. And not
to forget that Asians are reproducing at a much
lower rate.   These figures don't even take into
account the tens of thousands of Asian women going
to various countries of the world as mail order

My point exactly fellas, my point exactly

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