The Hypocrisy of (Some) Interracial Couples

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By Martin ( - on Tuesday, February 27, 2001 - 04:30 pm:

Probably the most important goal of any
cultural/racial group would be to continue to
exist. To continue to exist as how they look, and
how they act. Genetically as well as culturally.

I have been visiting websites for interracial
couples and I find some of what they say as an
incredible hypocrisy. While they say they believe
in diversity and acceptance of peoples
differences....they are actively destroying those
differences. Those who encourage dating between
the races are activiley destroying the races. That
is the basic hypocrisy of these people. This group
of people. They are destroying what they claim to
be accepting.

There is a difference between assimilation and
intergration. There should be anyway. If you
notice.....they are similar to the uncle toms of
the black race.

What really makes me mad is the B.S. Moral high
horse they like to sit on top of. Because they are
in interracial relationships, they are better
people. There love is more powerful and has
crossed the evil ocean of race.

The reality is, often times people persue
interracial relationships out of spite for their
own race. This is not moral, its childish. I don't
have to prove this they usually will spew out
there spiteful reasons for you. They say others
are racist while there reasons for dating
interracial are often racist to begin with.

"Blackwomen are bossy and ugly so i got a

"Blackmen are all dogs. They have failed me so I
wont limit myself to them."

Etc., etc., etc.

In there eyes cultural/racial identity and
loyalty are "arbitrary." lol. An entire culture
and history....brushed off as "arbitrary."

They are more open minded and morally superior
supposedly. So if you prefer to date within your
race, you are racist and narrowminded. You are
"limiting" yourself. Apparently, each race is
lacking fundamentally in something a person will
need in life. So you got to date interracially to
be a better person. Pllllleeeeeaaassse!!!

While it is true this will put an end to
conflicts between groups of people, it will also
put an end to all that is interesting about this
country. Conflict is a part of life get over it.
The weak are ambiguous.

Probably the most shocking thing I have found is
that they openly admit that they aim for the
destruction of all cultural and genetic(racial)
diversity in this country. Their excuse is this:

"Well, since race is not exact, and many of us
are mixed anyway, we might as well destroy the
whole thing"

Or something to that affect. Thats not a direct

True, their is no exact differences between
groups. There is no exact definition of race
actually. But THERE ARE generalities. And there
are DEFINATELY cultural differences. If there
wasn't an obvious difference between people, it
wouldn't be so easy to tell them apart. While
claiming to be accepting....they really aim to

The destruction of all barriers means the
destruction of all multiculturalism....hence the
contradiction. No more diversity. order to have diversity, a
certain amount of separatism is needed. You can't
mix 2 colors and still have 2 colors. Simple

They are actually hoping for a country where
there are no whites, no blacks, no asians, no
hispanics, NO NOTHING. Everyone talks the same
looks the same and thinks the same. All of what
makes this country interesting and great will no
longer exist. Androgeny.

Has no one learned from the Irish potato famine?

Anyone who disagrees with their destuctive
dogma is of course a racist. This goes for whites,
blacks, everybody. Probably the main thing that
whites and blacks have in common is that they want
whites and blacks to continue to exist!!! lol

So by their standards...your racist if you want
a community of people who look like you to
continue to exist. Your racist to want to exist as
an individual group. Even though they actively
consider themselves a group also!!!!! LoL.

I found an article on this very topic in which
the man actually hopes for the destruction of the
black race. If I were to debate or fight against
this he would, in an incredible hypocrisy, call me
a racist.

I would like to say I don't have a problem with
interracial dating on a SMALL SCALE. But in mass
numbers....that presents a problem.

Here is a sample of the article:


Race, you see, is a fiction. As a matter of
biology, it has no basis. Genetic variations
within any race far exceed the variations between
the races, and the genetic similarities among the
races swamp both. The power of race, however,
derives not from its pseudoscientific markings but
from its cultural trappings.

It is as an ideology that race matters, indeed
matters so much that the biologists' protestations
fall away like Copernican claims in the age of
Ptolemy. So the question, as always, is whether it
is possible to break that awful circle in which
myth and morphology perpetually reinforce one

The leaders of the fledgling multiracial
movement say that their category, and more
broadly, their lives, represent the way out. By
marrying across the color line, by raising
mixed-race children without regard to labels, they
promise to obliterate our antiquated notions of
racial difference.

As a newlywed who has recently joined their
ranks, I hope they're right. When the time comes,
I won't want to infect my
Chinese-Scotch-Irish-Jewish children with
bloodline fever. I won't force them to choose
among ill-fitting racial uniforms. That said,
though, there are plenty of reasons to wonder
whether intermarriage can ever, as one partisan
put it, "blow the lid off of race."

go here to read the entire thing:


So surprise to every white, black, and asian in
this country (and all sub categories of these
titles) we suddenly have a common enemy. Each of
us quietly fight amongst eachother, We agree to
disagree. All the while Interracials quietly aim

They are being cowards, sellouts and hypocrits
(some of them)....Not very moral if u ask me.


By Jim ( - on Tuesday, February 27, 2001 - 04:40 pm:

I responded to the original article a while back; now I see you've thrown your two cents in, with the usual results.

Interracial people are not anyone's "common enemy" and they aren't out to "destroy us all." Whether you're white, black, or an Asian of any kind, it's your individuality that makes you who you are, not your racial groups, so even if every distinct racial group disappeared or blended into one, no one would be "destroyed."

Please grow out of this obsession with race that you seem to have.

By Martin ( - on Wednesday, February 28, 2001 - 03:27 am:

Did you even bother going to the website?

He actually gave a letter from a an Esayist who
said that this is the solution for the "negro

A desire to want people who look like "negroes"
to continue to exist in this country is not an
obsession. Its quite normal if you consider
yourself a "negro". And you KNOW white people want
whites to continue to exist.

Blacks are not the only ones who feel this way.
Everyone wants their culture/race to continue to
exist. No one is colorblind until extinction. Not
blacks nor anybody else.

Are you implying that culture is not a large part
of who you are? Fool. Many cultures view the
narcissistic individualism so popular nowadays
with scorn. Thinking about me only me and always
of me....sellouts.

It is rather simple math....combine two groups and
what they were before hand....dies.

The amount of time you actually spend here,
forcing your opinions on others is indicative of
your own "obsession" with race.


By Jim ( - on Wednesday, February 28, 2001 - 10:10 am:


=Did you even bother going to the website?=


=He actually gave a letter from a an Esayist who
said that this is the solution for the "negro

That in and of itself should give you a fairly good idea that it's moronic.

=A desire to want people who look like "negroes"
to continue to exist in this country is not an

That's not the only thing that leads to the conclusion that you're race obsessed.

=Its quite normal if you consider
yourself a "negro". And you KNOW white people want whites to continue to exist.=

No, we want humans to exist. Most people aren't as concerned with you as to racial physical appearances. We're not talking different species of humanity here, just different races, and if I had kids with a black woman, they'd still be my kids and would still carry my gene pool, as well as hers. The kids might not look like a typical white person, a typical Asian person, or a typical black person, but our individual genes would be passed on. In short, racial appearances are not important except to people who share your views.

=Blacks are not the only ones who feel this way.
Everyone wants their culture/race=

Culture, yes, race, not necessarily.

=to continue to
exist. No one is colorblind until extinction. Not
blacks nor anybody else.=

If you're kids were half black and half white, or half black and half Eskimo, nobody would be "extinct." They'd simply be something other than pure white, pure black, or pure eskimo, but they'd still be human, would still carry your gene pool. You've gotta stop reading Frances Cress Welsing.

=Are you implying that culture is not a large part of who you are?=



One of us is; fortunately, though, it's not me.

=Many cultures view the
narcissistic individualism so popular nowadays
with scorn. Thinking about me only me and always
of me....sellouts.=

How profound.

=It is rather simple math....combine two groups and what they were before hand....dies.=

No, nothing dies. You simply have people who happen to look differently than some of their forebears. It's no big deal and it happens all the time.

=The amount of time you actually spend here,
forcing your opinions on others is indicative of
your own "obsession" with race.=

No, I have an obsession with making racist idiots look foolish. It's basically cheap entertainment.

By leopard ( - on Saturday, March 3, 2001 - 04:16 pm:

You know as well as I do! We started out as one race. As humans we changed that, interracial mixing what is it? As living being with desires, we can fall for a soul without thought about color.Before hate, there was love. Believe it or not, you can be attracted to what you hate. As African-Americans or any other group, the heart doesn't stop at a color. i remember two people hating what each race went through. Protesting and working against each other. When one day that hate turned into a powerful desire for each other. Go figure! Well, man and woman loving each other was the original plan and besides it is more fruitful. There will always be diversity. When we look alike, it will be what car you drive, the neighborhood you live in, height, whatever. We spend so much time making problems. It is a challenge today. But this too will pass.

By Martin ( - on Monday, March 5, 2001 - 09:06 am:

Thank you for missing the entire point leopard. Im
not against interracial dating, im against the
color complex. What im trying to explain is that
many interracial couples are so for the soul
reason of race even though they claim
colorblindess. He got her cause she was white.
Thinking with his penus not with his heart. It has
become apparent that u did not read my post.

Combine 2 cultures and the cultures no longer
exist. Culture and racial phenotypes tend to go
hand n hand. Well actually not combining. One is
smothering the other.

Thanks for you time.

Calling me a racist Jim? hypocrite.

By Maria ( - on Tuesday, March 6, 2001 - 03:47 pm:

I agree with you martin, I know of a few people who only date black men and the other way around. I think that is just stupid and hypocritical.

By Martin ( - on Wednesday, March 7, 2001 - 01:35 pm:

Here is an Excerpt from Interracial Voice.

The Author is basically saying the color complex
is not so bad in America among Afro-Americans. I
can't blame him for his naivete because he is from
Brazil. Oh how I wish it were true.

Ironically he shouldn't wish that cause if it
were, there wouldn't be as many Biracial people
in America as there are now.

Funny how statistics can easily be misleading.
You cannot always view whats happening from
looking at numbers on paper.

His conclusions are the usual from briracial
communities. Naivete. He is similar to other
Biracial people who believe preference for ones
own color means hatred of another. Cultural
Identity = Racism. To him, the lower interracial
couples ratio amongst Afro-Americans is somehow a
major problem.

You're not with the times unless you're not

The site is trying to justify their existence as a
more moral existence among people.

I can tell already that history books in the
future will be written that says all the races
came together harmoniously so thats why everyone
is biracial. They will barely mention the color
complex or pretend if never existed. Wont even
occur to them why it exists in the first place.

Here's the excerpt



Many of the naysayers of our efforts have come,
surprisingly, from the ranks of African Americans.

I say "surprisingly" because the social
construction of "race" (especially the terms
"black" and "white") has long been identified with
racist oppression. The idea of "blacks" struggling
to maintain a system which, in effect, cordons off
African ancestry from the rest of humanity seems
ludicrous -- until one looks at some of the things
that "blacks" associate with the idea of "mixed

The idea of "mixed race" has not only denoted
acknowledgement of all of one's heritage (which is
what we here at Interracial Voice have been
championing); it has also been associated with
intermediate status between a dominant ("white")
group and a subordinate ("black") group. Thus a
mixed race person who chooses to not be associated
with the subordinate group ("blacks") would,
supposedly, be looking to raise his status by
identifying with the dominant group or, at the
very least, not identifying with the subordinate

The "blacks" have a point. In my own country
(Dominican republic), lighter skin has been
associated with higher status. Same with Brasil.
Same with South Africa, where the "Cape Coloureds"
have historically been an intermediate group
between the Afrikaner/British folks and the
Africans the Afrikaners first encountered.
Before I wrote my first word in Interracial Voice,
I was aware of all of this. Furthermore, as a
Dominican, I had experienced it, since I am not
the lightest-skinned Dominican around. Why did I
(and still do) advocate for the saliency of
multiracial identification?

Because the United States is not Brasil. It is
not Dominican Republic. It is not South Africa.
Without going into an essay on the respective
cultures of the aforementioned countries, suffice
it to say that I believe the U.S. has ingredients
in its culture as well as characteristics of its
population sufficient to not go down the path of
Brasil or Dominican Republic or South Africa.
First, the African American population is, by and
large, too self-confident and familiar with what
the U.S. has to offer to submit to what
darker-skinned persons experience in other
countries. Millions of African Americans are
middle class (there are, proportionately, fewer
darker-skinned persons of middle class in Brasil,
for example). At the upper end of the spectrum,
Ervin (Magic) Johnson is worth $200,000,000.00
(U.S.). And he's joined by others like Oprah
Winfrey, Michael Jordan and Bill Cosby. Any
Brasilians or South Africans or Dominicans who can
say this, please email me as soon as possible. I
would like to make your acquaintance. Second, laws
are in place guaranteeing certain rights to all
North Americans, regardless of color. In other
countries this is a pipe dream. Vigilance is
required to see that not only are the laws to
remain in place but the social mores and values
which underpin these laws remain as well.

Third, the U.S. legal system, along with the
media, provide more opportunities for expression
and protection of darker-skinned people than
either Dominican Republic or Brasil.

Notice he forgot to say most of those black
millionares marry white women....oops, back to
square one.

By leopard ( - on Saturday, March 10, 2001 - 12:24 pm:

Personally, There are over 90% from men of the other race.I was born a woman with hormones. Talk is cheap and it can not change human nature.

By GOD ( - on Saturday, March 10, 2001 - 07:07 pm:

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