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Guido ( - on Monday, April 9, 2001 - 11:36 am:

This is a forum to ask about Race -- any question about this topic is encouraged -- especially for younger people who have very little information about this subject.

By HRH- STOMPS ANOTHER white maggot, who comes with nothing but his skinny flat pimple broke ass. ( - on Monday, April 9, 2001 - 01:26 pm:

guido is a gomba of the first order the only race this racist turd knows about is the race to out stupid these other vampires at this site.It sounds like more 63clone clown •••••,from the bowels of white racist clownism.

For those who care it's simple there has never been anything called race,until some 18century white idiots invented it to justify killing and destroying people of color all over this planet.

By Guido da clown ( - on Tuesday, April 10, 2001 - 04:30 am:

Not sure if i should use big words to reply, as it's obvious this one doesn't know ANY words except f--k and ebonics -- however, your statement about the word RACE is not true. The word RACE is spawned form the Latin "Genus" (meaning root) [like Genology -- hence why we use the word 'family tree') -- the Latin word Stirpe means something in the order of (for you) BRANCH -- which was used to identify other races.

The Greeks used the word "race" (in Greek, of course) when talking about "the other" -- even while the Spartans and Athenians hacked each other up, when faced with the outter (the Persian), they refered to them as the "barbarian," and other "race."

As to us whiteys killing folks all over this planet, one only need to look at the crime rate of Washington DC (95-97% black) to see "dat dis b a mutha'phuck'n untruf"

By Jim ( - on Tuesday, April 10, 2001 - 05:57 am:

=STOMPS ANOTHER white maggot, who comes with nothing but his skinny flat pimple broke ass.=

HRH, some day I hope to meet someone who is actually as impressive as you think you are. On the other hand, I hope I never meet anyone with as little true self-esteem as you have who feels the need to overcompensate for his shortcomings with this kind of egomaniacal chest-pounding.

=For those who care it's simple there has never been anything called race,until some 18century white idiots invented it to justify killing and destroying people of color all over this planet.=

Race is not something Europeans invented. In fact, if you were paying attention, when Martin wrote a couple of messages pointing out the absurdity of the position that you're now taking -- that there is no such thing as race and that it's purely an invention of evil white people -- he challenged my observation that many, if not most, black people reflexively state exactly what you just did. Thank you for illustrating my point so well.

In any event, there simply are different races of people, as you illustrate every time you refer to white people or black people. By doing that, and you do that incessantly, you acknowledge your belief in the existence of different races.

By Jim ( - on Tuesday, April 10, 2001 - 06:13 am:

For HRH and Martin: (Part 1 of 2)
First, for HRH, here's a reprint of the post about race that Martin put up earlier:
By Martin ( - on Friday, March 23, 2001 - 05:46 am:
One of the more bizarre concepts being spread by
racial evasionists (as Michael Eric Dyson likes to
call them) is the belief that America invented
race. Or the concept of race. This belief requires
a phenomenal ignorance of the entire history of
man. You would have to ignore the history of any
kind of people coming into contact with another
group of people.

The concept of race has always been around.
America set up the first caste system based on
race. It did not invent it.

What america DID do was generalize race into more
basic categories. Any one dark is black; Anyone
light is white.

a nigerian, a south african, senegal...all black

Italian, irishman, jewish...all white

So basically America put the races of man back
into their more basic categories. Mongoloid,
Causcasoid, Negroid.

Mankind is a species of animal, with many
different races. Just because we all have ten
fingers and toes doesn't mean to categorize us in
different groups is racism. It is just
biodiversity...get over it. We should be
celebrating the diversities of races, not
pretending like they don't exist. Group RACIAL
affiliation is not racism...especially if said
group has its own history and culture. And they
should be respected as such....like BLACK

This rhetoric usually comes from the same people
who don't like it that we refer to our selves as
"black americans" or "African Americans." Also
known as saying things like:

"Why do we have to call it black culture/music?"

like every other race and culture in the world.
Notice people only say that about the things we
create. Nobody says why do we have to call Chinese
art Chinese!!! And wouldn't even think of Robbing
Europeans of their art forms. We are the only ones
who get this kinda disrespect.

Its called cultural recognition. It is empowering.

Others wanna be apart of our culture(s) but don't
wanna be associated with us. And years from now
forget who created it....thats what happened with
rock n roll.

By Jim ( - on Tuesday, April 10, 2001 - 06:17 am:

For HRH and Martin: (Part 2 of 2)
Below is my post wherein I said most blacks I've encountered online did EXACTLY as HRH just did.
By Jim ( - on Friday, March 23, 2001 - 03:44 pm:
The only thing I cut and paste are the comments I'm responding so that the intellectually challenged people I'm dealing with will know which remarks I'm responding to. I do not cut and paste things written by others and pass them off as being written by me or give the impression they were written by me. If that isn't clear to you, then you are even more challenged than I've suspected, which would be very hard to do.

And yes, Z, the resistance to the notion of "race" on the part of blacks I've encountered online has been just shy of universal. Invariably they pass off any reference to race as being the invention of white people who supposedly invented the concept to make themselves feel superior. Not that they haven't been thoroughly hypocritical while doing so, though, for while they voice their superficial disbelief in the "concept of race," they waste no time in hurling insults and invective at "white" people, thereby acknowledging a racial difference. Then again, I'm not dealing with mental giants on these kinds of forums, so that's to be expected, given the level of intellect.
As I said, most blacks "pass off any reference to race as being the invention of white people who supposedly invented the concept to make themselves feel superior," and, predictably enough, along comes our resident nincompoop HRH to prove my point with this: "For those who care it's simple there has never been anything called race,until some 18century white idiots invented it to justify killing and destroying people of color all over this planet."

By zzzzzzz ( - on Tuesday, April 10, 2001 - 07:47 am:

Jim-Bob, did i say you cut & paste things
written by others and pass them off as being
written by you?...i called you the cut & paste king because of your talent for cutting parts
of the post and responding to them, are you
terminally thick Jim-Bob or just a numnut who
can't read? certainly you can't be more
challenged than i previously thought but then
again, maybe so....unless you are a simpleton
or brain-dead idiot, in your case Jim-Bob, both
would apply, there are blacks who don't believe
in the notion of race and there are some that
do, so you can't lump all blacks into the
same catergory....and next time Jim-Bob, "read"
my post, i know it's a stretch for you but
try to comprehend the meaning of the post
before you go into your Prozac induced rants,
in other words: get it straight, before you debate...

By HRH- laughs as the white maggots attempt to eat at his words and die from trying! ( - on Tuesday, April 10, 2001 - 03:24 pm:

Like I said the concept of race was created by racist crackers to justify their expliotation of people of color.And know matter what crustee the clown jim says thats a fact.He can like the clown gudio dodo,come up with any interpretation he wants,it still comes up as white eu-ra peeing bullshit. These asswipes in their less then clumzee attempts at refuting me prove my pt. better then I ever could. Guidodo tells us about the word being invented by the geek/greeks,like what are they martians?
These deluded white psychos,are so demeanted that their starting to run over each others lies and half truths.

As to anything numbnuts 63 has to say,we know this,it will be a fantasy that he has spent nites,pasting together. Ever since it, 63 appeared as the uber man of these white maggots, we've been treated to the finest ex. of how distortions and half truths can be made to appear to be factual. Fortunately enough of us are well informed about these tactics,so it becomes so easy to dissect them for what they are DISINFORMATION and WHITE PARAONIA .
My students regularly check out this site,then we discuss all the lies and garbage that fools like the white maggots at this site present. It's been a good way to get them into critical thinking and doing reseach on the bullshit,these vampires keep bring to this site. I have them check out all the racist white sites,so they can be on top of all the ways these sick reactinary facist try and twist the history of the world and this non-idea of race.
What we all must keep in mind,whites have always attempted to co-op and name everything on this planet,from animals to humans. Just cuz some racist clowns in europe decided to call us negros or indians,don't make it so. Only mindless white maggots or their lackeys would fall for this so called scientific bullshit,HRH is neither.

Everytime some dull witted cracker like guido the clone or his assmaster jim63 germ,speaks my name it just confirms what I all ready knew I'm telling the truth and they can't stand it.
Now I hear them saying prove it,I don't have to do any more then put it out there and they come back and prove what I said by their cut and paste lies.

As far as dim jim writing a book,delusions are just that.The reason it's here is not to gain info. on quote,''BLACK RACIST'',whatever that ain't . It hates black people to the pt. of insanity and this is the only way it's coward ass can find to attack us. I'm quite sure in person this meally mouth maggot wouldn't even think about talking this ••••,cuz he knows how fast his flat ass would get stomped!

By Jim ( - on Wednesday, April 11, 2001 - 08:40 am:

Just because you repeat one of the standard black racist lines, in this case that whites, or "crackers" to a racist dimwit such as yourself, "invented" the concept of race, doesn't make it true. Only a true moron would believe that, especially one who categorizes people by race in every post he writes.

By White Vampire ( - on Wednesday, April 11, 2001 - 09:01 am:

I'll meet you in person, hrh. No bullshit. Say when and where. Or will you just cover up with another insult to hide the fact that you 're the coward?

By Guido ( - on Wednesday, April 11, 2001 - 12:27 pm:

Ooo, Ooooo, Jim is fucking you guys up!

As for RACE -- India's had a CASTE system for about 10,000 years or so -- but then again, you wouldn't know that, "cuz ya'll b sump'o lik a dumb mutha phucka!"

By zzzzzzz ( - on Wednesday, April 11, 2001 - 01:05 pm:

the only thing Jim could phuck up is you
Guido, when is the wedding?..hope you got
your Viarga, wouldn't want it to be a limp
nite for you girls....

By Guido da pimp ( - on Thursday, April 12, 2001 - 05:03 am:

Such naughty talk from you boys --- no wonder why all of you folks have AIDS -- all this talk about f--king, 'homosexual' behavior, etc... tisk, tisk, tisk. :p

By zzzzzz ( - on Thursday, April 12, 2001 - 09:52 am:

had your test lately?...Guido da Dyck-eato

By Guido ( - on Thursday, April 12, 2001 - 12:40 pm:

I don't need a test, I only mess wid' da raycist whyt grls. Dey dun not play wid da nigs! ;P

By zzzzzzz ( - on Thursday, April 12, 2001 - 02:01 pm:

dat's what da meth queens tell u, but don
be so sure, cuz dey be swingin from dark
nuts when u go limp...nite nite my impotent

By INVADER ( - on Friday, April 13, 2001 - 12:24 am:

then why are you at this site cave boy?

By Guido da pimp ( - on Friday, April 13, 2001 - 07:34 am:

If Invader is talking to me, I'm here to "ethnically cleanse" white minds, to make them sane again. Lots of my little white sheep need to come back home, before they're butched and made into white lamb chops! (yum, yum!)

By leopard ( - on Sunday, July 29, 2001 - 04:10 pm:

A Wise gentleman once told me, I should learn to be a maid. I am working on it. Hopefully I will be able to clean up the trash on this site soon.

By Martin ( - on Wednesday, August 1, 2001 - 07:05 pm:

Ok More on the post about race I put up. I
guess the problem here is terminology. As it
turns out race is an inaccurate term after all.
The definition of race, and the scientific
thinking of race, was not even how I was thinking
about race to begin with. So when people start
saying there's no such thing as race....it really
doesn't change anything for me.

A different race is like difference between a
troll, an elf, an ogre etc. What people think of
as a race is more like a regional temperature
breed. What we think of as race is really a breed
formed by the environment the human is in. So in
short we are all human's with different breeds I
guess you could say. The difference between humans
is as narrow as the difference between different
dog breeds. The genomes are quite similar compared
to other animals but sense we don't socialize with
lizards that point becomes kind of mute. While the
racial evasionists may have good ententions they
will more than likely cause more problems than
they will solve.

I don't think a category is racist separatism
as the racial evasionist would imply. I don't
think that noticing that people over hear look
brown, and people over there look pink is
hatemongering. Its just logic. What the blood and
genomes say is kind of a misnomer cause all that
really matters is what they look like now. Hell
the only thing that makes a human male is a dosage
of hormones and look at the huge difference that
makes. No denying that there different groups of
people (even though they have mixed with other
groups) just serves to confuse us not unite us.

Cause the concept of different groups of
people having different genetic generalities has
been around sense Egypt. Believe it or not, there
were pictures on the walls of tumbes where they
had pictures of greeks, nubians, asians etc., and
labeled them accordingly. Now using todays
"genetic thinking" calling a pitbull a pitbull,
and calling a dobermen a doberman....is nazism.

While it is true that we are all closely
linked, I don't think it is Nazism. Just logic.
Saying there are no black people or white people
is also saying there are no dog breeds.

While I've heard that the purpose of this "no
such thing as race" talk is to "save" me from
race. And to keep from "separating" people, it is
actually most likely going to screw people over
out of their heritage. This goes back to the
"black culture is racist" philosophy. Since we are
suppose to be "colorblind" we shouldn't call our
own damn culture black culture. Cause calling it
black would be racist towards white people. How

White people grow up believing that they are
the center of the universe. So whenever they see
anyone non-white (expecially black people)
gathering in their own social groups and
celebrating (and labeling) their own culture,
white's feel it is because we hate them. So that
is where this philosophy that calling black
culture black is racist.


By cozmikfaro ( - on Thursday, August 2, 2001 - 08:10 pm:

for the darwinist: it is acheaologically known as a truth that blacks were the first race to inhabit this planet. the oldest specimens of both sub-human and human skeletons were found in Africa. this means that the evolution and the migration into colder regions of the world caused the deformation (or maybe i should say reformation) of the ORIGINAL black "race" into all other present "races" today. this in turn means that, technically and quite obviously, there is no such thing as "race", because everyone is actually black.

for the biologically informed: melanin is the base constitute of "race" or color. all people of color, oddly refered to as "non-white" in the western society, have a certain degree of melanin within their skin. the lighter the shade, the less the degree of melanin. it is also a very bluntly visible fact that these people of color, or "races", make up the majority of the human population; african, asian, american-asian, semite (jew or mulatto). the only "race" of people who lack melanin are the whites/aryans. so, i'm thinking maybe now i should refer to them (the whites) as non-color, since the "non-whites" are the MAJORITY AND NOT MINORITY OF THE PLANET. that stated, we can hypothesize (in a biologically sound fashion) that there are now only two "races" on the planet. since the albinos think that they can generalize people of color into the category of "non-white", we will stay in that generalization for the sake of this argument with the label "melanated". the only other "race" that exist now are the "non-colored", or aryan as they so fondly put it. but, yet again, BIOLOGICALLY, with the absence of melanin they can be classified as a mutant since the majority of the human species is "melanated". this makes the "NON-COLORED" not even a part of the HUMAN (HUE-MAN=COLORED MAN) species. so, in conclusion, biologically speaking, there is no such thing as "race", since the melanated "race" is the only "race" on the planet.

for the occultist and cospiracy theorist: if an occultist, one would insue that the cult, as all cults, you currently are a part of is an off-spring of the orginal Goddess worshipping cults. since they are the ORIGINAL they are the only ones we need be concerned with. their worship and rituals were just the distorted-trick knowledge-tainted versions of the Kemetian (Egyptian) culture/mystery system. the head Goddess, in Kemetian worship, was Isis (Sothis), wife of Osiris (all praises due to both). Osiris, or Ausar, is known as the Black God and Lord of the Dead (necro=dead/necro=negro damn geeks). Now, this Black God and his Black Goddess
has celestial attributes; Osiris=Orion and Isis=Sirius. this means that Sirius, the system that seems to have everyone's attention, is another form of the ORIGINAL GODDESS. which is why you have so many ufo theorists and occultists waiting for the MOTHERship to land and take them away. but on a higher note, within Goddess worship, the Goddess is the creator of the universe. so, if Isis is the Goddess she is the creator of all that inhabit the universe, your so called "races" included. yet in all religious, philosophical, occultist view, God (or in this case and all others, Goddess) created man in her own image. so, if Isis is a Goddess, and a Black Goddess, and Creator of the Universe, then the human species is black, and the only "race" is black. this is also a good time to mention that 95% percent of our universe is DARKmatter. simply put once again, there is no such thing as "race".

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