Your a Racist if you want your race/culture to exist. HUH?!?!

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By Martin ( - on Friday, June 1, 2001 - 12:12 am:

I recently had a conversation with a liberal
who had this view on things. We somehow got into a
conversation about interracial dating. Within this
conversation I had my first true understanding of
what republicans refer to as "liberal bullsh*t"

(Not that I'm republican, cause they have their
B.S. also)

My position on the mixing of different
cultures/races has always been that a little is
good, but I don't want my community to amalgamate
all together. Considering I grew up around and
prefer to be around black people, I would consider
that to be obvious. Im willing to bet that other
races cultures feel the same way....sense they all
have their own communities. Diversity requires a
little separatism.

So between separatism and intergration I am
somewhere in between I guess you could say.
Ironically diversity cannot exist without a
certain amount of separatism. They are 2
supposedly different idealogies that are
Ironically interdependent on eachother.

Black people have come to far in America for us
to dissolve all together. So the fact that I want
this specific community to exist makes me a racist
hatemonger apparently. And therin lies the liberal

Liberals are so paronoid about race (all topics
for that matter) that they put on their P.C.
goggles and say "race doesn't matter" and then
refuse to talk about it in any sort of honest

When you get in a conversation about this
subject with them they tend to spout all kinds of
politically correct slogans at you, none of which
they come up with themselves obviously. So
independent thought against the norm will not be a
factor in the conversation unfortunately. Its all
emmotions and cries of "Why can't you just think
like I think". And how they think will get more
play sense they control the media. What they don't
realize is that a certain amount of separatism
prevents globalism.

America represents the world (and it does
largely because it is pushing globalism by
Americanizing everything). Then if we sellout our
cultural differences and "arbitrary labels" in
America then what will we have left? Capitalism?

Do we really want to sellout millions of years
of beautiful evolutiony culture and diversity and
replace them with shopping malls and commercials

Here are a few qoutes given by globalist/liberals

"I don't have arbitrary labels of race/culture.
I'm a child of the world, Im just a human!!!"

I like globalism. Globalism is good. Because
everyone is human there are really no differences
among us, so we can all get along. But if you
don't its soley cause your racist.

Conflict is inevitable. Globalism is bad. You
don't have a culture so you CAN'T identify with
one in particular. Conflict prevents globalsim

There is no such thing as race."

I'm in denial. I heard a scientist, influenced
by politics, put out his results on a
newspaper/magazine that is notorious for being
liberally biased and politically correct. I heard
this then I ran with it to justify my entire
idealogy. Both of which are weak.

THE TRUTH: Debatable. Misinformation or
misinterpretation of what a race is in the first
place. And no not all scientists agree on this. If
there is not such thing as different races there
is no such thing as different cultures. Test
largely ignores all forensics....cause they can
tell the race by blood and semen samples as well
as bone structure and a number of other things.

"All humans are 99% identical. All
differences are just arbitrary differences created
by human socializing and Racism."

More misinformation. More like a blatant lie.
Your 98% identical to a monkey also. And 95% to a
pig. Obviously those small percentages end up
counting for alot. Hell when you're a fetus you
look like a fish. Human differences were created
by environmental evolution. The only thing
universal is mathematics. Every race has created
an advanced civilizations that has contributed to
human progress. Calling someone a race is not
saying he isn't my fellow man.
(Including "black Africans" contrary to popular

We are a Human animal species with different
races. This is not hard to understand. It is hard
to deny however.

The way I see it is this: Just because black
and white children tend to sit at different tables
in the lunch room at doesn't mean
that they necessarily hate eachother. Thats
confusing cultural differences with separatist

Cultural/racial genetic differences should be
celebrated. Not abonded all together and labeled
as "arbitrary" excuses for separatism. Which they
are not. Just because black and white children
tend sit at different tables in the lunchroom
doesn't mean that they necessarily hate eachother.

The absense of all cultural/racial groupings,
arbitrary or not, represents globalism.



By blossomingflower ( - on Saturday, June 9, 2001 - 09:16 am:

I appreciate your views on the above topic. I have had discussions with other blacks where I have expressed my appreciation or preference for my own ethnic group, only to have them lash out at me as if I hate other people.

As I shared with one gentleman, this is very sad. I also told him that his intense defensesiveness of who most called "whites" needed to be checked.

Self appreciation isn't synonymous with "hatred" for others. I am real tired of saying this.

By Martin ( - on Thursday, June 14, 2001 - 12:41 am:

I couldn't agree more. People are saying "We have
to bring people together, we have to fill the gap
between us" I usually find that what they mean by
"gap" and "separation" are really just cultural
differences blown way the hell out of proportion.
Its Racial paranoia. I just tell people to relax.

I remember growing up in highschool and this white
guy was frustrated cause everyone wasn't sitting
with everyone else. The asians had their table,
the blacks had ours, the puerto ricans had theirs.
Whats important is that these tables should be
able to freely intermingle if they so choose to
without catching to much flack from their home
table. I looked at it totatally different from

I was like wow look at all these different groups
of people. He saw it as a hate thing and I thought
it was totally out of left field. This is the
intergrationist racial paranoia pendulum. It was
good at first but It has swung to far now. It is
just like the feminist movement where it got so
extreme to the point where its too much. Now
intergrationist won't be happy until they
amalgamate damn thing on the planet.

"Don't you separate your crayons!!! There are no
such thing as colors(race)!!!!" Lol. They just get
rather comical with it. Even though in good

This is ironic because there won't be any
different kinds of people (culturally) to get
along together anymore.

Besides if we all globalise and come together
like they suggest...what dominate culture will
rule? European!!! We aren't all gonna adopt
spanish if we all "come together" will we?
Nope....Don't believe the hype...


If america represents the world...and the world is
copying us...I hope to god that we keep those
cultural differences alive. Its funny how I get
the slightest sense of American pride when I
realize I could go to Chicago and see 1000 year
old Chinese cultural tradition. America's
uniqueness is in its variety and we should strive
to keep it. Not out of hate but out of pride in
one's heritage.


By bmawute ( - on Thursday, June 14, 2001 - 01:07 pm:

Bro. Martin,
What does lol mean? I noticed that it is used in a lot of posts.

By Maria ( - on Thursday, June 14, 2001 - 03:38 pm:

It means laugh out loud or lots of laughs.

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