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By Martin ( - on Friday, June 1, 2001 - 09:16 am:

Guest Commentary
> Do You Suffer from WMS? White Male Syndrome
> By Michael Stark
> May 9, 2001 (APJP) -- I'm sorry to announce that
as a country we have somewhat of an epidemic on
our hands.

> While we slept, an insidious plague, once
thought on the decline, has swept our nation. This
devastating disease has serious ramifications for
all of us.

> While generally limited to a specific subset of
the populous, it has recently made dangerous
inroads into previously untouched segments of
> I'm talking, of course, about WMS, or White Male
> Syndrome.
> As a white male myself, I realize that I'm
> especially susceptible to the disease. As a
result, I've dedicated myself to eradicating it
within my lifetime.
> Fortunately, the syndrome manifests in many,
easily identifiable warning signs. Most
frequently, WMS causes confusion and
muddled-thinking in its victims.

> In most cases, this confusion leads to
destructive behavior, and sometimes, extreme
> Do you or someone you know suffer from this
Test them by asking if they agree or disagree with
the following statements, as compiled by Everyone
Else Against White Male Syndrome (EEAWMS):
> The Economy

> * You admire six-figure income earners, like
those touted in magazines such as Money and
Forbes, who manage to save 15% of their income for
> future retirement.

* 15% of a low six-figure income is 50-100% of
your yearly salary.

> * 100% of your yearly salary goes to paying the
> utility bill, medical expenses, day care,
food, car loans, mortgage (rent), and gas.

> * You don't understand why 'they' can save 15%
of their income and you can't.

> * Conversely, you think a 15% income tax rate
has the same impact on someone with a six-figure
income as it does you.

> * You do earn a low six-figure income and
haven't paid real taxes in years.
* You support politicians who support free trade.

> * You look forward to the slew of U.S. jobs that
a Western Hemisphere free trade agreement will
> create.
* You think those jobs will be created due to all
the high-priced U.S. goods that sweatshop workers
earning $200 dollars a month will purchase.

> * You think your job will stay in America even
> though current free trade agreements let
companies move without penalty to a country where
people work 85 hours or more each week for 60
cents an hour.

> * You equate capitalism with democracy, even
though not one country has ever become a democracy
> because of capitalism.

> * You think anyone can get ahead and make money
by working hard.

> * You've worked twice as hard over the last 20
years and haven't gotten a raise much higher than
the cost of living.

> * You've worked hard for 20 years and were just
laid off due to an economic downturn.

> * The company you worked for
doubled/tripled/quadrupled its stock value due to
both the recent downsizing--and the announcement
that it will be relocating to Mexico/South

> * You don't know that more than 2.8 million U.S
> citizens work full-time, year-round jobs and
> live in poverty.

> * You're CEO of a company that pays its workers
> minimum wage.

> * You're upset because you only pull in the
average CEO's salary: $20,000,000 (472 times more
than the average blue-collar worker).

> * You don't understand why the average worker
can't save 15% of their income for retirement like
you do.

To reform Social Security, you want the average
worker to invest 15% of their earnings in the
volatile stock market.

> * You like the fact that these new investors
will increase your company's net worth thereby
allowing you to receive a salary higher than the
average CEO.

Government and Organized Labor

> * You scoff at unions.

> * You scoff at unions, even though they could've
> bargained with your former company for a real
wage increase...and health care, and a retirement
plan, and safety standards.

> * You don't know that the only reason you make
more than $200 dollars a month isn't because you
work hard and live in a democracy, but because at
the turn of the 20th century union workers fought
and died for your right to organize.

> * You despise 'big government'.
> (See Unions, insert 'big government')

> * You despise 'big government', even though it
> could've penalized (and thereby dissuaded)
your former company for moving to Mexico/South

* You agree with the States' Rights movement and
the Federalist Society.

> * You think the framers of the Constitution, as
> Federalists, wanted limited government.

> * You've never looked up the definition of
> Federalist
> (Hint: people who wanted a strong federal
> government.)

> * You don't know that today's Federalist Society
> its ilk actually work to create a Confederacy.

> * You do know and think it's a good idea.

> * You don't know that Federalists like Alexander
> Hamilton and James Madison created our
> Constitution.

> * You've never read the Federalist Papers by
same warning how a nation divided into a
mereconfederacy of states without a strong union
would be vulnerable to foreign interests.

> * You complain about foreign-owned corporations
> holding your state hostage.
> The Environment

> * You think 'top of the food chain' equates to
'king of the hill': after we've eliminated
everything from our planet, we will win.

> * You think that after we eliminate everything
from the planet, the grocery stores will still
have chips and beer.

> * You think that countries that let corporations
pay workers $200 dollars a month will prevent
companies from dumping whatever toxic crap they
want into the environment.

> * You think that even if they do, it won't harm
> * You don't know that much of the produce you
> already comes from places that let companies
dump whatever toxic crap they want into the
> environment.

> * You think the thousands of scientists who've
> conducted numerous experiments on global warming
and have concluded it's real are full of it.

> * You think the handful of astrophysicists and
the economist who claim there'll be a greening of
the earth make real sense.
Note: WMS symptoms can be found in, or spread to
all races. Wouldn't put all the blame on them for
that one.


By White Anglo/Teutonic Protestant Vampire ( - on Friday, June 1, 2001 - 03:25 pm:

To the author of that article---Don't tell what I think! Some of that I would agree with-- some of it I would agree with!

By HRH-REALNESS LAUGHS AND SALUTES MARTIN! ( - on Friday, June 1, 2001 - 03:56 pm:

Martin your the man and that last post proves it. filthy white vampire 211.137.63 I'm sure they will lap all that you said up like the maggot eating dik suckers that they are.
All my life I've witnessed the images and mentalites you described so well.Everytime you drop one of these bombs on this site,it's like black flag and the white rodents and assorted leeches run for the corners of their minds.YYYYYYeeeeeeaaaaaaaa ride these lkWMS CLONES TO THE GRAVE1

By White Vampire ( - on Saturday, June 2, 2001 - 12:15 pm:

"mentalites", huh? That's you, ol chum!! If you were a beer , you'd be menta -lite!!

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