The Egyptian Population Was A Conglomerate of the Races in the Region

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1HumanRace ( - on Saturday, February 10, 2001 - 10:04 pm:

I am an undergraduate student of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. I recently read and wrote a thesis paper about Diops book, The Origins of African Civilization,and became extreamly interested in the topic of Afrocentrism. I am infact a white male. However I am more interested in discovering the truth about the arguement, rather than advancing mine or anothers personal ideology concering race. Upon researching this topic, I discovered a very large amount of evidence supporting the lingustic and cultural connection with both the sub-saharan majority to the south, as well as very distinguishable characteristcs attributed to the hemo-semitic popultaions to the north. My conclusion, based upon genetic research conducted by a slew of geneticists and anthroplogical analysis of craniofacial morphlolgy, was that the ancient egyptians were conglomerate of both sub-saharan africans and hemo-semitic peoples of the middle east. This would mean that the ancient egyptians represent a ethnic minority living in africa.They are still African!! But they cannot be clearly catagorized as belonging to a specific "race" There is no bicker about what racial group the egyptian civilization belongs to. The fact is, when a group of people inhabit an area which straddles a region between what we consider to be natural "racial lines" , the result is a people that seem blurr the line between what we classify as a negro,caucasion,asian,etc. If you observe a person of Kazikhstani origin, do you see a blue-eyed asian, or a caucasian with a epithantic fold over his eye? It is both a diservice and counter-productive exercise to impose our modern agendas and ideologys upon a group of people that can niether be clearly identified with, or labled as a specific "race". Science not Ideologys!
Keep up the good flow of ideas,
p.s Please, only serious responses to my comments, I am a student not a supremisist. Thank You!

By Yafeu Taom ( - on Friday, March 2, 2001 - 12:50 am:


There is no such thing as hemo-semites. You mean
the Afro-Asian language phylum consisting of
Omotic, Kushitic, Egyptian, Chadic (Hausa),
Amazight (Berber) and Semitic languages.

The oldest in the family is Kushitic, showing
that the speakers originate in Ethiopia not
Syria. Afro_asian speakers fanned out from
Ethiopia to both the Maghrib and the 'Mid-east'
as well as the Sahara.

Race is a social construct. It does not take
science to establish a race. Race is determined
societal recognition. Seriology, genetics, and
metrics have never determined races. People take
a look at a persons phenotype and assign them
their race.

The country of Kemit was predominantly black.
The United States is predominantly white.
No amount of minorities in either country
can change those facts.

The Egyptians are no more an ethnic minority
living in Africa then Swedes are are an
ethnic minority living in Europe.

As much as crossroads the 'Mid-East' has been
throughout history no one seems to have a problem
pronouncing that population white. No arguments
over blurring classifications or modern agendas
or ideologies.

No, those excuses are only presented when it comes
to defining dark skinned African peoples and the
forced narrow category called negro. Thus thin
lips exclude a jet black skinned person from
being negro but Jagger lips never bar a person
from being blanco. Why?

By martin ( - on Friday, June 1, 2001 - 12:45 am:

The entire arguement given by Afrocentrist is that
Egypt was originally black african (a Colonizers
term) but was invaded and colonized by Arabs and
Europeans. So the genetics are now a combination
of the two.


By acherry ( - on Monday, August 13, 2001 - 12:31 am:

The interesting thing about the proposed "multi-racial" ethnicity of ancient Egyptians, is the fact that despite being "multi-racial", most (white) scholars and historians classify ancient Egyptians as "semitic" or "Asiatic", while, in the United States, people of African descent with a "multi-racial" background are still considered, by and large, to be "black". Why can't the "multi-racial" ancient Egyptians living in AFRICA be considered to be "black" as well???????

(This, by the way, is written by an African-American whose mother and grandmother looks more Caucasian than many "real" Caucasians I know).

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