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By righteous ( - on Thursday, March 1, 2001 - 09:22 am:

This subject has been inspired by those that have commented in other forums that Black people have made no contributions to civilization or modern society in general.
I believe it's already been shown with overwhelming evidence by those of us who have been enlightened that this simply is not the case. We have nurtured the beginning of civilization and culture. Everything that white's have done has been built on the achievements of every culture that has come before, including African culture. White's have used their mastery of agression and weapons to dominate for the last 400 years or so, but they have greatly benefited from cultures that already existed before they came along and took them over. We know that white's absorb from different cultures - they do today. Look at how they love everything about american black culture, but somehow they still need to feel superior to us. This superiority thing is a MYTH and it's time we and they acknowledge the truth. In the 1600 America, whites readily intermingled and intermarried with blacks. Why? Because it's natural for people from similar socio economic classes to get along. The majority of whites were not rich and many were servants who had to work off their contracts before they could be Free. The powers that be had to make a law against comingling with blacks. They've been making laws against us ever since. In spite of all of the negative things that we've endured as a people, we've still managed to contribute to society. The institution of racism has never been able to keep us all down, or to squelch our minds and talent completely
A person who is not educated about our contributions bragged in this forum that he thought whites were superior because they put a man on the moon. However, what he fails to realize is that he has been miseducated by the institutionalized racism that's built into our school systems including writer's and publishers of school text books. I'm sure a lot of teachers don't know much about black contributions, and you can't teach what you don't know. So this becomes a self-perpetuating problem. Because of this, there are people of color who have taken the time to research and find the true FACTS about black contributions on their own, and I think this should be commended. All you have to do is go to the library and pick up a couple of books or go to a black book store. You'll be surprised what you'll find. I'm glad we have our black scholars and yes, white scholars too that find this information and compile it for the rest of us. This is why I know that in spite of the few approved black people they teach about in the educational system, there is a whole HISTORY of accomplishments and achievements that we need to know more about. Passing on what we learn is the only way we can end the MYTH of white superiority. The reason white's could put a man on the moon was because of the accumulated knowledge of all cultures on this earth, and this knowledge began in AFRICA and ASIA. As far as blacks in this country contributing to the sciences, we were BARRED from attending the best universities, given INADEQUATE tools for education, and had to deal with LYNCHINGS and JIM CROW. When we did manage to get a good education, most of our talented people had to take jobs as porters, cooks, maids, andjanitors. We were'nt allowed to work side by side with whites in most cases at research universities and prestigious government posts. It's only been since the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT that we have been able to gain some ground and freely exercise our brain power.
Did you know that there is a black brain surgeon out there right now who is working on a revolutionary surgical technique for brain cancer? I know about him because he was featured on the nightly news. By the way, most of his patients are white, and very greatful that he's helping them. This is just one example. There are many more like him out there.
Let's use this forum to start passing on the knowledge about our ACHIEVEMENTS and CONTRIBUTIONS to society and modern civilization. Let's end this ignorance once and for all!

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