How has propaganda destorted the image of the African American?

MELANET UnCut Chat and Discussion: When Black Men Ruled The World (On Africentrism): How has propaganda destorted the image of the African American?
By SeekerofTruth ( - on Sunday, March 4, 2001 - 11:26 am:

Propaganda in the entire sense of the word is very powerful. In it's beginning it was considered truth. It was based on integrity, and morality. History has proven that this powerful tool, put into the wrong hands could prove very dangerous, and detrimental to the morality and integrity of truth. As far as the African American is conserned, propaganda in it's various, and earliest forms was used to paint a one sided view of the black race. It seems that our systematic deprivation of education was used against us centuries ago, and through propagation was transformed into a form of comical entertainment. (See Bamboozaled by Spike Lee) Throughout the years following the earliest forms of cynical, racist parody this destorted image was only modified with time. Also, the conscience consensus of the majority was allowed to reach a broader audience with the inventions of radio, then television. It is true that books and plays do send messages and these forums were used in the above context. However with the spread of mass media within certain time periods the image of the African American was greatly exploited in my opinion. My questions to you is How has propaganda destorted the image of the African American? If the integrity of truth and morality had not been compromised by the use of this propagation how might that affected us today. Will the internet be used as a forum to further destort African American image, or our we in the year 2001 finally free of the immorality and lack of integrity concerning the use of propaganda.

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