Will blacks last another century in the U.S.?

MELANET UnCut Chat and Discussion: When Black Men Ruled The World (On Africentrism): Will blacks last another century in the U.S.?
Martin Cruse on Tuesday, January 18, 2000 - 12:44 am:

With all of the below problems with African
Americans I ask u this. Will black people last
another 1 or 4 hundred years in this country.
I say 1 hundred tops. We started dying once we

1. 1 million black men in prison and large
companies profit from it buy investing in prisons.
Prison is big business now for America.

2. Illegal drugs continue to be flooded into our
communities at the governments permission. Large
companies (prisons) and the government (C.I.A.)
profit from that too.

3. 75% of reported aids cases are African

4. Mostly because of self loathing and hatred of
ones own people/culture, 1 out of 4 black
marriages are interracial. Which weakens the black

5. Broken homes; 70% of black children have no

6. Increasing mistrust and even hate between the

7. Few of the businesses in black communities are
black owned so other races profit from our money.
Then they have the GAUL to disrespect us when they
see us on the street (i.e. orientals, Jews, Arabs)

8. Black males and females continue to be
negatively stereotyped by both blacks and other

9. Hip hop culture also continues to be exploited
by big business by both black and other races.

10. And to top it off many of the struggles that
were made during the civil rights era are being
destroyed by Republicans (Federalist Society*)
because they claim it is reverse discrimination
(i.e. Brown versus Board of Education).

*The Federalist Society is a group of powerful
white people (lawyers, doctors, judges ect.) like
Kenneth Starr, who is also a member i might add,
that basically are professional racists. Watch
out for them.

They were discussed in Emerge magazine.

So with all of the above problems, how long will
black people last in this country?!?!?!?

By DARKOVERLORD on Tuesday, February 1, 2000 - 07:09 pm:


By Steve Smth on Saturday, February 26, 2000 - 10:37 pm:

With all due respect, the US Census Bureau has stated that Whites will be a minority by the year 2050! I agree integration has been bad for both Whites and blacks. My point is if America ceases to be majority White,it will cease to be America!

By Donnarenee on Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - 11:39 pm:

Martin forgot to mention that African American are getting degrees at a faster rate then whites and with increase of education bring new hope in the communities. Most will become "buppies" but are still very much afro-centric.

By Born Freedom Allah ( - on Monday, May 1, 2000 - 01:09 pm:

"BLack" People are the Originals..Our image is the Alpha and Omega. We are the People of the Past and We will be the People of the Future. Their is not enough "White Power" to wipe us out or even hold us down. Education, excuse me Right Education is the key to our Spiritual and Physical Renaissance.
For more Right Knowledge Pass by my Web-Page at www.angelfire.com/pq/ellevate

By Darkoverlords challenge ( - on Monday, May 1, 2000 - 03:32 pm:

Number of degrees or whether we are the original people,has no baring on whether will survive into the future.In the late 60's while I was an undergrad at Howard Univ. I came across a book titled ''WHO NEEDS NEGROES''.At first I dismissed the book as just so much anti-blk trash.Being curious I started to read it. It was written by I believe a white economise.His main theme:"know matter how many degrees or business blks started.they still would be expendable,cuz any skill they had, some white person would have".Since they would be taking jobs from whites,they would automatically be kept out of most professions and denied loans to start business.There was alot more to the book ,but this passage stayed in my mind all these yrs.Now to Donna and Born freedom,If you had a clear understanding of the blueprint for destruction of African people and you truly understood the mental,physical demeantions,of this plan then you wouldn't stiil be playing with yourselfs talking nonesense about original this and more degrees that!None of this means squat in terms of WORLD WIDE WHITE PLANNED GENOCIDE,directed toward all African people. I'm THUNDER STRUCK,to see so many of you who talk about AIDS,and other forms of GENOCIDE,presently affecting our people and then keep going back to silly comments about what we were,or how much school,or professiona skills we have developed.Does this stop bullets,or viruses,or poor health care,or poisoned food,or police murders,or blk insanity toward each other? So many of you remind me of alot of the JEWS,during the 2nd world war,who refused up till the day they were put on the trains, to believe that anything bad was happening to them.Many of them,like Donna and Born,talk the same tired lines about their importants to the world and their country, they still went to the ovens. It is a sad reality of all huemans that we don't seem to learn from history.Too many of us prefer to keep talking the ROMANTIC''Black Superman'',we are the ORIGNAL PEOPLE SHE-IT.So am I saying that we are not,NO! But just cuz ya know all this info. it still doesn't change the reality that all AFRICANS,must face.We are the most HATED and reviled people on the planet,and it don't matter whether your a Muslim,Christian,or any other form of organized cult.Just so I won't have to hear ,the usual CRYING about ''well Darkness that doesn't exclude ATHEIST either,DA I know that!. Far to many of you are so hang up on believing that cuz "we are spiritual people,or"PURE,or have more MELINEN,or gods on our side,that all this negative stuff that I'm presenting to you will some how magically not affect you.Your wrong and ya know it CLAP your hands! Unfortunately with ever growing no.s of other non-whites taking more jobs and housing away from blks,the problems will be excsirbaited.So to all you BUBBIES and would be's,it don't matter how much money ya got or how light or dark you are or what important white connections you have.David Duke said it best"Blks in Amerikka are used farm equipment,OBSOLETE in the world and in the way".If you can't or won't believe this,then ya better go watch TELA -TUBBIES with your kids,cuz that's about the level your brains working at.Ya,ya I know the white mans a devil and on,and on and on and on,mean while the sis and bros in Zimbabwe are about trying to take control of their futures,not thru intellectual MEATBEATING,but by armed struggle.I know how much this frightens most of you,and just think it's just a word!
I'll leave you to ponder this question, which I already know most of you won't even make an honest attempt to answer. For what reason are we important to this world and what one service do we have that keeps us from being,discarded into the waste bin of history?Now I'm gona say this one time ",IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION,do it with out emotional ravings about how great we are,or how spiritual we are ,or how evil the whiteman is!"

By Darkoverlord ( - on Monday, May 1, 2000 - 04:46 pm:

The pinheads at this site did it again CENSORSHIP! There really is no reason for my last post not being posted,I'm really starting to think whoevers working the sites is either totally out of touch with reality,or just doesn't have a enough since to seperate their personal feelings from their jobs.What really grills my WEENIE,is that they chose post that don't have profanity or any serious attacks on white people,so what's the reasoning.What real sucks is the COWARDS don't even have enough courage to come on and explain the reasons for not posting the messages. If any of ya are having this problem speak on it!

By SHORTYSLIM@go.com ( - on Monday, May 1, 2000 - 11:09 pm:

I agree with Born Freedom Allah. This is my first time on this sight. But I believe as as a children of God, the "original " people will overcome, with the proper education of our children. Our people must come together, create new businesses, communities, banks. If at first we must start off with a credit union. But We as BLACK people must start pooling our resources. We are making it possible for others in this country. Now we must start providing for ourselves. Start taking our monies out of these banks and creating our own.Educating our young black men and women to become congressmen and women and better. But first we must rid ourselves of the white way of worshipping and honoring our God. For He is beautiful, all times and with us always. Teach our children and people to look in ourselves. To love ourselves our wonderful brothers and sisters. We are a beautiful people. There are choices we have to make and paths which includes our destiny. We are destined to succeed, but it is up to you and I to succeed. We have been oppressed long enough. Just as the other nations can come and claim their stakes so can we!! We need to start researching and following back our family history as far back as possible. We must start seeking reparations for the hurt, shame, despair, anguish, racial homicide, rape of our young african women that were brought on the boat from Africa and now for them using my hard earned tax dollars to pay for this Elian Gonzalez crap. Just as they stand together. It makes me crenge when I think of how other races can stake their claims but us. Brothers and Sisters where are we? Where do we want our children to be? Shouldn't we have something to offer our off-spring? Shouldn't we fight to protect our race.
Everyone talks but I think its high time we start putting a little action behind that.

By Darkoverlord ( - on Thursday, May 4, 2000 - 03:30 am:

Like you said,this is your 1st time,so let me clue you into somethings,like there is no such thing as race. As far as action,ya need to do alot of reading and a lot less empty meaningless rehashing of old news.I'll assume your very young,so you get some slack,this time.Your saying what we all know,what is it we should do in a concrete way about it? I want you to show me when this thing you called god,ever did anything in our long history to save,what you seem to think is it's chosen people.Don't bother,cuz ya can't,until we can get passed SPOOKISM,all the other things you say we need to do won't happen.To many of our so called relgious leaders,are the biggest VAMPIRES ,in our own communties.These BASTARDS,LIE,CHEAT,FUK,and generally abuse their own people.To many of the blk business people are about themselves,and will ripe their own people off,with out a moments noticed.People talk about the Rappers and their lyrics,like these children are making this SHE-IT up as they go along. What they reflect is how they've learned the quote"game" from older blks,who didn't give a flying FUK about them.You see my idealistic little Bro. it just ain't that simple.But then you don't have to believe me cuz all to soon you'll find this out.So what am I offering,clear vision of what is really happening to us,and what we must do about it. Drop the spiritual crap,get into the worlds knowledge systems,pick your friends and loves,with care,and definitely don't ever stop at learning all aspects of your history both the negative and postive.Now get outa here and go take over the world!

By gamecock ( - on Sunday, August 20, 2000 - 06:47 am:

Ya'll need to get a life. I'm a white Southerner who's family fought in the Civil War for the South. My family never owned a slave, we were sharecroppers. Quit blaming your problems on the white man and start taking responsibilites in your communities.We're not killing you, you're killing you. We just sit back and watch.If you don't watch out, the Mexicans are gonna take ya'll over as the biggest minority (what an irony ) in this so called country. You might not like what I'm saying, but, it's the truth. Deal with it.

God Bless,
Marcus M. Nettles
e-mail Kocky2001@yahoo.com

P.S. Your site is probally too "offended" by my remarks to even have your so called "black power" to respond. Take care of your own, and quit worrying about what flags fly where. Why don't ya'll get your priorites straight. I know you are not going to print my letter, but, if you have any so called "black pride" you will. By the way, I'm not a racist.

By FATBRAIN ( - on Thursday, October 5, 2000 - 04:56 am:

this group/site is funnnny! yall finnally have the chance within the last few generations to take a repectable place in this world and all you can do is sit in a newsgroup and argue back and forth about whether you are the "ORIGINAL MAN" or not!
F that if I was "the original man" I wouldnt claim it as we people like all animals are evolving to better beings.

Good luck.............you need it.

By Martin ( - on Thursday, October 5, 2000 - 04:13 pm:

Actually, after the last ice age..we were the
first to evolve into modern man. We all came out
of the cromag stage at different times. Africa had
the world first civilizations. Then gave it to the
world. No im not talking bout Egypt either.

By rechilds ( - on Wednesday, December 13, 2000 - 08:23 pm:

I agree with you, Martin, about "Fatbrain's" racist statements. It always amazes me that some white folks, while mocking what we do with our time, are busily whiling away their own time all over Black-interest web sites doing drive-by posts. Too bad white boy doesn't know that we [Africans] "took a respectable place in this world" more than a few generations ago. Try several millenniums back. We built great pyramids, practiced medicine and were sailing and trading precious metals as far away as the so-called "Americas" while they were still crawling around in the dark ages in the caves of Europe. And, since they don't understand to this day how it was done, their A&E and Discovery channels are repeatedly trying to suggest that aliens must have erected them. Hilarious.

Peace and strength,
[Pharaoh] Ronald E. Childs
Chicago, IL

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