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By Haille Mengitsu on Saturday, March 4, 2000 - 04:36 pm:

Be proud to be black, black people are the original people. The abundance of melanin in black people gives them superior mental, physical, and spiritual abilities. This explains why blacks have viewed whites as children of god, while the whites have always viewed blacks as souless savages. The lack of melanin in white people explains their lack of morality. Almost all of the founders of the worlds major religions were black. This includes Mohammed of Islam, Krishna of Hinduism, Buddha of Buddhism and Jesus of Christianity. As well black infants learn to crawl, walk, and talk faster then white infants. Black infants also display advanced cognitive abilities. There have been a lot of modern black inventions, black scientist's just never got the credit for it. One day Africa will be a continental superpower and whites will only wish they were black.

By Donielle on Tuesday, March 14, 2000 - 11:41 am:

I feel you!! and understand. But some black people don't feel this way or say it and don't show it. Black people need to be black inside out. We need race esteem and self esteem!We need to stop straiting our hair and puting in light colored eye contacts and embrace the tight kinky curl and brown eye's God gave us. We got to start to want to be us.

By Magnus Thue ( - on Monday, March 27, 2000 - 12:10 am:

I agree with Donielle, that blacks (and everyone else for that matter) should want to be no-one but themselves. But as for Mr. Mengitsu saying that blacks are genetically superior, that is by definition racism. I don't really understand the "lack of morality [of whites]" comment either; for one thing, read up on what happened in Rwanda a couple of years ago, and check out the AIDS-thing going on in Sub-Sahara. I don't think any race is more or less cruel than others; I am sorry to say there are plenty of evil bastards of all color.

"Black Pride" is, just as "White Pride", pure stupidity. Don't get me wrong, pride is good, but be proud of your actions and of the person you are; not of what you were born as. I know I certainly didn't hav any say when I got the color of my skin; so how can I be proud of that? In any way, isn't it pretty irrational to be proud of something like skin-color?? I know I don't get it. It is just as irrational as believing skin-color makes people worthy only to be slaves.

I don't know your sources, but it seems pretty far off to me that those founders of religion you mention should all be black; Jesus was a Jew, Muhammed was an arab, and - this one really gets to me - Buddha was from India! I am, of course, open to arguments, but you didn't state any in your posting.

As for "whites have always viewed blacks as souless savages", I am sure that was true up to a point, but hardly any more. There will always be racists, of all colors, but in fighting for equal rights, one should always be careful not to end up becoming one oneself

By Now_I_See ( - on Monday, March 27, 2000 - 07:53 pm:

The above sounds like white African Brother, masquerading as someone other than his silly self, preaching, from his position of unqualified white privilege, the same old, tired, we are one humanity, one race, nonsense!

By Soulbrother ( - on Wednesday, March 29, 2000 - 04:39 pm:

Magnus Thue: How dare you????!!!!

It is extremely offensive to me, and to many other black African people, to be told by a white person, high from their pinnacle of stolen gold and impresiive sand castles, standing in pools of blood of the earth's black and non-white peoples, laughing with glee from their overstuffed stomachs and unchallenged positions of white privilege, ...... to come into a black (melanet) forum, and tell black folks, that "Black Pride is stupidity".

Feel free to condemn white pride, if you will. Go convince your white racist collaborators why their pride is wrong, evil and inhuman. History will back you up.

But after you, white people, have, for centuries on down to the present times, beaten us into the ground, destroyed our sense of pride, degraded our humanity, told us and the world that we were no better than beasts of burden, raped our women and miseducated our youth .... you then boldly stride into our house and proclaim "Black Pride is stupid".

Magnus Thue, or whoever you are, the stench of your arrogance is the only thing preventing me from coming close to your way of thinking. Unfortunately, there are some of my people who have bought into your silly mind and word games.

Not for long. At the rate white Euro-America is going, we shall see who has the last laugh!!!

By dhoyt ( - on Thursday, June 29, 2000 - 06:22 pm:

black! me!

By GEN.LEE ( - on Tuesday, October 17, 2000 - 02:35 am:

Why is it that black people feel like whites "owe" them something. It is themselves that hold "each other" down. White people could give half a •••• about the crime ridden inner cities. Politicians just tell you fools that so you'll vote for them. If anyone can tell me 1 thing, other than peanut butter that the black man has given society I'll be impressed. You have your Million Man March, and your Million Family March thinking you are doing something for your community, all you idiots are doing is proving "hey we have no sense of family, hey most of our men don't know how to run a family because they are the same mentality of animals, just screw and run" That's all you 'bamas show when you march on "MY" capitol mall. When Blacks realize that they are the ones who create segregation, "BET, Black History Month, NAACP, this ridiculous website" then the problems will slowly stop. Farakhan, yeah keep following him, he'll lead you "to the sun". You people are an asset to the society, you amuse us. Your stupidity and uneducation amuses us. You "brag" on how you dominate sports, you dominate sports because the young white mails have something better to do with their minds then abuse narcotics and sit around the house, or I'm sorry, projects and play games. Sorry that we don't dominate the sports arena, we're busy being responsible and raising families. My point is this. Grow up, stop blaming everyone else, and pick up responsibility for your selves.


By Ms. Sprung ( - on Thursday, October 19, 2000 - 08:07 pm:

Gen.Lee, you are a superb proof of envy of black men! Look how you go on about black men dominating sports. You end your intervention with a comment on the Yankees??? Black Men in sports must be really eating you up! YOU amuse me, as well as you amuse a lot of folks,I'm sure. The prestigious organizations your mentioned have contributed to the uplifting of the black culture. Certainly there is so much they can do, and so much more our comunity can do as when it comes to contiousness and positive action, but in spite of people like you who may go on saying that this is just a cliché way of thinking, or a poor excuse: People of African decendence have been through hell thoughout history, as well as other cultures as the Jews, for instance, the fact is that opportunities and resources to overcome this ongoing struggle have been tougher to acheive and have been limited to blacks in comparison to any other culture. The strive is still on, but the thriumph is also inminent, for white folks as yourself are constantly and daily more and more intimidated by the notorious success of our people in a wide variety of fields. If SPORTS seems to be the most notorious, and obviously the one that most affects you, TOUGH!!! The thruth is a black man...given equal resources and opportunities excells in any given field. Every human being has his and her value, but personally, I belive black men are stronger, wiser, more spiritual, damn sexier and, if I'm wrong, movements as this, which are oriented to the recognition and uplifting of black contiounsness and our legacy to world-wide civilization will eventually not be prooven!

Ms. Sprung

By GREG ( - on Friday, October 20, 2000 - 12:02 pm:

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