Were still livcing in slavery, but it`s just modernised

MELANET UnCut Chat and Discussion: When Black Men Ruled The World (On Africentrism): Were still livcing in slavery, but it`s just modernised
Katalina Hitomi Monica Kato-Moore on Wednesday, March 15, 2000 - 08:33 am:

When slavery begun, we were kidnapped from our homes, forced to work for the white man, and categorised as the second class citezens. No better than animals, yet they would breed us, not allow us to eat their food, but to cook it. They treated us like animals, yet raped us women.They desired not to touch us, but touched all that we did for them.
Now they exploit us.Because of the late stage in our lives, thanks to the white man. We are living in their contry. Like "animals" we rely on them.
They provide some with homes. In the areas fit for animals. The so called Black schools don`t "teach us what we need to know", but white mans fabrecations. Our schools are deprived, but if we send our children to a white school. Their identy will be lost, which is a higher price to pay.
We are forced to live up to the (kkk,nazi etc), predictions. That we are second class citizens, animals, criminals. We are in schools teaching us a second class education, to get those second class jobs and have a second class life, for our future and our childrens.
They make a mocary of ou music(eminem). Hip hop the mordenisation of blues, expression of blacks. Is now about cars,bitches, and crime. Just what Mr white man wanted us to see. That we are animals! And our women too.
As Dead Prez say"lets get free". Lets discuss this, and find solutions.

By swo on Wednesday, March 15, 2000 - 09:20 pm:

i feel the solution is within the black
community, we have to desire to turn
things around and set things straight..
which means that just because the white
puts the dope and guns in your community-
do u have to sell, them, do u have to glorify
that lifestyle in songs and videos?..we have
to have more respect for ourselves, for our
children..there's no white man with a gun to
our heads making us ravage our communities,
we have to stop the madness...history can not
be changed and we know that the playing field
will never be level but we can stop the violence
that we perpatrate against each other on a
daily basis...when we heal our community from
within, we can present a united front and
then deal with this system that white racism
has built...but we've got to start at home first..

By Donnarenee on Wednesday, March 15, 2000 - 10:22 pm:

I agree with swo, although whites my have start our poor life styles we are the ones to reverse them. Besides do you realize slavery was not about racism but cotton fields. Before Africans were stolen whites tried other whites (mainly poor people from Ireland)but they would run away and vaporate in to white society since they were of course white. Then they tried Indians they were stubborn and many killed themselves and most ran away since they knew the land better then whites. Then our turn, since we spoke different lanuages and we could not blend into white society nor did we know the land Africans were prime for a life of slavery.

By Gilbraltar ( - on Wednesday, April 26, 2000 - 03:08 pm:

Donnarenee...you give me hope

By Cheribum ( - on Saturday, May 20, 2000 - 07:52 pm:

The slavery that we are dealing with now is so diabolical even they are trapped. Frankenfoods have folks slaves to the HMO's and medicaid. Welfare recipients are really trapped. I tried to make ghee out of some government butter a young man i was trying to help gave me and it would not melt! at least initially. it was like plastic. The young man said he loves this butter more than store brands. And he will not eat anything else. I was miffed!!

Meanwhile we still have to brown nose at the 9 to 5 still picking cotton at entry level. If you happen to make VP of something, your life is not your own for sure. in fact i worked in corporate america for years as secretary of Admin. asst. to these guys. The whites are cocky but they still sweat it out. the brothers are usually in the background. lets face it 1 black vp in a room full of whites. Just picture it. If they do have huspa they have probably sold out and will not admit they are slaves cause the whites treat them better than those who have integrity.

We are slaves to the educational system which preps us for modern day castration. It is easy to feel like a eunuch in America. No one not even most whites have any real power in their homes or anywhere else. But they do believe they can have their way with us. We one the other hand (i will not generalize but you finish the rest!!).


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