MELANET UnCut Chat and Discussion: When Black Men Ruled The World (On Africentrism): UNTIL THE EARTH IS NO MORE (PART 2)
By VALLEY OF DRY BONES on Wednesday, March 22, 2000 - 06:46 am:


By C.L.k.Ssali

The records of Belgians in their former colonies in Africa namely Rwanda and Burundi is a catalogue of crimes against humanity. Men and women in those countries suffered brutal torture and sterilisation. The likes of Dr. Mengele of Nazi Germany who experimented on human beings using bacteria and viral agents to study how disease can destroy human life are pathetic examples in history of how low man can stoop to establish ethnic superiority. It is these research scientists and their records that were smuggled out of Germany to the USA and European capitals that are the nucleus of the modern biological killing methods. Whereas some of the German Scientists developed rockets to the moon others concentrated on perfecting the science of killing.

Viral agents that were originally non infectious to man were genetically manipulated by these scientists of infamy and incorporated into vaccines to be used on unsuspecting victims mainly in the "Third World" as population control methods in the Post-cold war era.

The document known as National Security Memorandum 200 (NSM 200) written by Henry Kissinger and declassified only recently states clearly that depopulation of Third World countries was of the highest priority in the USA foreign policy. The raw materials in Africa and other Third World countries became to the Africans what the horn is to the Rhino: the cause to become the endangered species.

At the request of Henry Kissinger, a team of Scientists belonging to WHO in Geneva, London Amsterdam and Philadelphia (USA) contracted to develop a viral agent that could cause immunological injury in human beings that was unknown before. The result of their effort for which they were paid $10 million were published in the "Bulletin of the WHO 47 of 1972 (pages 257-263).

At the suggestion of the WHO, these viral agents were incorporated in the small pox and polio vaccines that were used in the WHO campaign in Africa purported to have been aimed at the eradication of Smallpox and Polio in Africa between the 1972 -1977 period. Their article entitled: ("VIRUS ASSOCIATED IMMUNOPATHOLOGY: animal models and implications for human disease." Effects of viruses on the immune system, immune complex diseases and antibody medicated immunologic injury).

The outbreak of AIDS in Africa coincided with the WHO vaccination program in sub-Saharan Africa as reported in the past 20 years starting in 1980.

A similar vaccination program for Hepatitis B involving 1.5 million homosexuals in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in 1979, was followed by AIDS and Kaposi out break within six months of the same year. This was then called the Gay plague.

Dr. Beatrice Hahn and her team of researchers cannot plead ignorance of the methods used to prepare vaccines. It is a well known fact that green monkeys and chimps from Africa have been the source of kidney tissue that have been used to prepare vaccines for Smallpox, Polio, Hepatitis B and others. Dr. Hahn is certainly very well acquainted with the presence of SIV40 and other Simian viruses that are known to occur naturally in green monkeys and chimps but cause no disease in their natural hosts.

She must also be aware that scientists like Robert Gallo and Luc Montagna have been using similar animal viruses like T.cell leukaemia viruses that are found in cows where they cause blood cancer called leukaemia. Another virus called the Visna virus that causes immune suppression in Sheep was also used in these experiments. The result is that these scientists have published materials in scientific journals that indicate how they have been genetically manipulating disease causing viruses for years and in the end claimed to have discovered HIV that causes AIDS.

Why does Dr. Hahn expect the general public to believe that Africans could only have got infected by the chimp virus by eating its flesh and not because they were deliberately injected with vaccines containing the monkey viruses genetically manipulated to cause disease in man as has already been published in journals?

If HIV was developed to reduce the population of black people in the world, and I am certain it was, then it is achieving the desired objective pretty smartly. In just twenty years, it has turned out to be the killer number one in history. The life expectation in Central Africa has been reduced to 45 years during that period and promises to get worse. The reproductive age group of 15 - 45 years is the most vulnerable and is rapidly being decimated. These age groups are being bombarded with radio,TV and other media propaganda to abstain from sex unless when using a condom. All these techniques ensure the end of reproduction. The young age group is vaccinated right from birth to ensure that no one escapes the lethal weapon.

The world is deceived into believing that the answer to the deadly HIV virus is the condom! A lot of the general public do not realize that those who trust in these flimsy devices are the ones who get infected first since NO manufacturer makes 100% safe condoms. You only need one bad condom and the others are not going to help the user who has already used a defective one. You have heard that South Africa has returned a hundred and forty million condoms to manufacturers because they were seriously defective. They had been donated for free distribution to the unsuspecting South African natives. The propaganda to use condoms with confidence is to ensure that women do not get any children but not to prevent the spread of HIV virus.

The only safe sex available is when the two partners are not infected. The commonest way by which people have acquired HIV/AIDS is through vaccination and sex comes second. A computer model to explain how HIV could spread world wide from Africa, within 20 years, put it at an incredible promiscuous lifestyle. The African green monkey and chimp eater had to have had 15,000 sex partners a year. This same lifestyle had to be maintained by each and every infected sex partner from the first to the present victims of AIDS in the world.

This is the degree of deception attempted by Dr. Beatrice Hahn in her keynote address to the unsuspecting Chicago Sheraton audience and to the rest of the world.

The dysinformation continues all over the world because such truths as you read here will not appear in main stream media owned by the rich western world. The victims of the genocide conspiracy are disadvantaged by their poverty that makes them entirely dependent on their murderers for information. Just like the fisherman deceives the fish into believing that his baited hook is a sign of generosity on his part, that makes him sit on the river bank to give them breakfast, lunch and supper. It is not until they find themselves on the frying pan that they realize how brutal the deception was.

By MartinCruse on Wednesday, March 22, 2000 - 02:06 pm:

PEOPLE WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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