When Black Men Ruled the world?

MELANET UnCut Chat and Discussion: When Black Men Ruled The World (On Africentrism): When Black Men Ruled the world?
By JP ( - on Sunday, March 26, 2000 - 05:44 am:

I try to keep an open mind to new ideas, but have to question the theories set out in this book. I studied history at UCSD with an area of emphasis in ancient history. In all the accounts that I read concerning the egyptians is was never mentioned that they were of black "African" race. The acients knew full well of the types of african races on the contient. The accounts are not of "black" Africans. Like I said earlier it is an interesting theory, but there is a good reason why most acient history scholars do not support it -- there is no evidence, just speculation. Finally, the best evidence that we have disproving this theory are all the preserved bodies of the acients. They are not black "Africans".

By Inamilyun ( - on Thursday, June 1, 2000 - 12:35 am:

The bodys of Egyptians from the later Ptolomaic dynastys may not have all been pure Africans but the earlier ones were, this is proven in part by the "melanin dosage test" developed by Cheik Anta Diop. Regardless of means of preservation "melanin granules", the abundance of which makes Black people black, are visible under microscopic examination . If you have enough melanin per square inch of skin you are consicered Black in this world. What ever their hair texture or facial features(we come in different shades and shapes), if ancient Egyptians had been in America during the 50's and 60's they would have been riding the back of the bus with the rest of us, as Black people. The accounts of Egyptian contemporaries describe them as being Black(Ethiope=Black face), in their own writings the call themselves Black(Khamit), their monuments portray Black features, and they lived in Africa what else do you want?
Even if they were not of 100% Black ancestry, in the U.S. if they had any Black ancestors, AND YOU KNOW THEY DID!!!, they would be considered Black JUST LIKE US!!!!!!.

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