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MELANET UnCut Chat and Discussion: When Black Men Ruled The World (On Africentrism): Tactical analysis
By STAND FIRM ( - on Wednesday, April 5, 2000 - 02:53 pm:

This is an essay from a guerilla named Rick Adams from Pittsburgh. He can be heard
daily on WXCJ 1550 AM. Read for yourself:

Often one can hear Black people keep castigating the "gatekeepers", usually an attack
on those of African descent who have obtained positions of importance, authority, or
large salaries. It is undeniable that some of the brothers and sisters who occupy these
positions have been selected, appointed, and elected by those in power to serve as
buffers, blockers, and bafflers. Many are not, but whatever the case there are
gatekeepers who are more of a problem to the goals and aspirations of Black people.

THESE overwhelmingly white gatekeepers, there are some non-white ones who
unflinchingly accept the game plan, are the most effective obstacles to every Black
person born and raised in the these United States. Forget the Klan, the Aryan Nation,
the Skinheads, and right-wing conservative politicians; the real gatekeepers are more
destructive to the hopes and dreams of the average Black person by far.

WHO are these gatekeepers? They are all around us numbering in the hundreds of
thousands. If you live in an integrated community, chances are they are the neighbors
next door. Many Black people work with, for, and interact with them on a daily basis.
Our children are at their mercy everyday. These dangerous, ubiquitous foot soldiers of
racism and white supremacy are the health care providers, the public school
professionals, the college admissions officers, the human/employee relations officers,
the bank loan officers, the real estate, and law enforcement/judiciaryprofessionals.
These seven classes of workers have controlled the life chances and quality of life for
every person of African descent in this country. From the cradle to the grave, these
faceless minions determine our chances of success. Life altering decisions are made at
each step of one's journey from fetus to elder to ancestor.

If obstetricians/pediatricians are absent, because of a lack of medical coverage and no
money; the infant mortality rate is higher, the number of infants with serious health
problems that go untreated is increased, and these children enter the public schools
with higher rates of learning disabilities, and disciplinary problems. For those Africans
with medical coverage, a combination of uncaring, racist, and/or incompetent health
care providers make medical of our children problematic.

ONCE our children enter the public school system, the work of crippling our children
continues in earnest. School social workers, psychologists, and counselors participate
in a process that results in many of our children being labeled with descriptions that
will follow them for the rest of their lives. Terms like slow learner, hyperactive, socially
maladjusted, at-risk, attention deficit disorder, and of course the catchall
"troublemaker" are entered on the permanent record. Just like that a child is done for
before they get out of their formative years!

TODAY'S job market requires some post-secondary level education, college or
vocational school. College admissions officers and culturally biased entrance exams
conspire to keep many Black youngsters from going on after high school. The ravages
of poor health care, bad nutrition, the resulting health problems, and the social
problems that swirl around low income families team up to make the pressures on those
able to go to college nearly unbearable.

ONCE out of college there is one class of gatekeepers that affect nearly all of us; the
human and employee relatiopns officers. If those with the power to hire, including sole
proprietors, are racists so much for getting a job, or at least a good one anyway. The
ability to keep a job or receive promotions rests with people along with the
always-present supervisor. Since the vast majority of us work for non-Black people, if
one of these gatekeepers has it in for us, we are through. Given the conservative
stack courts, lawsuits, besdies the expense, do not appear to be an invitiong option.

AFTER securing a job, it is not long before a young person in the work force has to
visit the bank and mortgage loan officers. It is well documented the discriminatory loan
practices African Americans and other people of color face when trying to access
credit. In a society like ours, the failure to acquire credit or credit at preferred rates
has a devestating effect on the financial fortunes of Black people.

REAL estate brokers and mortgage lenders make it difficult for Black people to become
homeowners. The real estate companies still engage in "blockbusting" and African
would-be homeowners are denied mortgages at proportionately higher rates or granted
financial packages at more costly interest rates.

THE law enforcement/judiciary establishment is a major antagonist of Black people. The
overwhelming majority of the police officers, lawyers, judges, district attorneys, and
legislators who make the laws are white. This fact is brutally reflected in the fact that
people of African descent are 12% of the national population, but 55% of the prison
population. Black people traveling the nation's highways are routinely stopped at rates
five the proportion of Black motorists frequenting the roadway in question.

AS dismal as these observations are, I do not suggest that we roll over and surrender,
nor necessarily flee these shores. What I do call for is a sophisticated social,
economic, and political strategy to combat these legions of gatekeepers. Black people
need to learn individual and collective tactics for overcoming these barriers.

By DJ ( - on Saturday, July 22, 2000 - 11:39 pm:

With by chance have anything to do with the Illumiati and Freemasons?

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