JLUQMAN56 ( - on Tuesday, May 23, 2000 - 10:16 pm:


By Wade ( - on Wednesday, September 20, 2000 - 01:37 am:

I don't like Farrakhan. At all.

What I've heard him quoted as saying about Jews scares me. I don't like the fact that someone I don't know with views such as those about me has the power he does.

I'm sure he's a three-dimensional person, however, with strengths and flaws. I'm sure he's done good for black people.

I personally don't care if he did or didn't have anything to do with Malcolm X's assassination. That's not to say I don't mourn Mr. X. I think that if he had been allowed to live he would have done a lot of positive things for the Nation of Islam and the world as a whole.

The reason I don't care is that it's already done. No good can now come of hounding Farrakhan for this crime. The only result will be the anger that JLUQMAN56 here displays, and the only motivation is $$$. I don't think Mike Wallace has a sinister agenda, though. He just mines inflammatory topics so people will watch ads for Tide.

Let Malcolm X rest and leave the ones guilty to higher judgment.

By bmawute ( - on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 08:05 pm:

The reason that the media and Mike Wallace still want to implicate the Minister in Malcolm's assassination is because they know the power that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has over the masses of Black people. He, like Malcolm will never sell us out. This is a kind of loyalty and love that the media and no one else can change. They also want to continue to implicate the Minister to cast doubt upon who the true perpetrators are. They know that Cointelpro, the FBI (J. Edgar Hoover) and the CIA were all in cahoots to destroy the relationship between the Messenger and Malcolm and to kill Malcolm because they knew that if something happened to the Messenger, Malcolm was next in line to run the Nation. That thought alone scared them to death. Malcolm had also formed a positive relationship and dialogue with Dr. King. With Malcolm the Soldier and Revolutionary, and Dr. King admitting that he had gone as far as he could with the sit ins and pray ins. These two Kings uniting would have totally flipped the script on wicked America. The media and America is afraid of any wide awake Black man, and will always seek to defame and destroy anyone who catches the mind, ear and eye of the people as Elijah, Malcolm, Farrakhan, Dr. Al-Monsour and many other soldiers have done. Stay prayerful Black People. It is time for Black people to take their rightful place because Allah (God)says so. Black Man Rising!

By cynthia ( - on Saturday, November 4, 2000 - 12:44 pm:

I listen to Farrakhan and would be even willing to say I am a side line supporter, but I don't believe that it is some great media "conspiracy". I believe two things just like Wade said the spin was about $$$ and two Farrakhan is experiencing a, in Malcolms terms "a classic case of chickens coming home to roost". I will elaborate on what I mean. I think that there is a great deal of truth/legitimacy in the "truths" that he chooses/feels lead to point out, but just as was demonstrated by that whole interview HE is as guiltly of the things that he points out in others. IE the whole reason he made the statement in question was because that Malcolm's daughter pointed out to him his guilt. He is sooooo busy going around pointing out the guilt of others, but he is guilty as well. I would like to reiterate that I support Farrakhan, but I just feel that it is time to move on, grow up, and progress just like Malcolm did at the time of the split when Farrakhan's ignorant, short sighted, hot headed comments were made. I also feel that in most cases people that are desirous of a leader are simple minded and wanting something in which to believe. I will give an example, in Wash DC there seems to be a great influx of two types of groups popping up -- the whole "Black Power Radical Wannabes" ie New Black Panther Party and "Jesus was a Black Man -- Don't believe nothing out here except what I am telling you religions". I feel that these organizations prey on weak minded black people who are looking for something to believe in and these groups speak to the hurt and pain of these weak minded individuals and give them a sense of self-worth and importance. I do not negate the positive benefits that these opportunistic organizations are offering these weak minded individuals, but I question at what expense. Now getting back to the original point Farrakhan and the people that are crying about this whole episode are full of it. If they believe that the media is no good/unfair and know about the spin that the media puts on things that causes misunderstanding, then why did he sit down in the first place??

By The Student ( - on Thursday, November 30, 2000 - 03:47 pm:

Dear Sister,

He sat down in an effort to continue the healing between his family, the Nation of Islam and the Shabazz family. In spite of what he knows about Mike Wallace, the media and the real intent behind the show, Kibala's feelings meant more to him than the wrath of the press.

By bmawute ( - on Monday, December 4, 2000 - 01:13 pm:

Hotep My Sister,
To expound a little bit on what my friend, The Student expressed to you. Minister Farrakhan is not crying or whining about anything. He knew that when he agreed to sit down and be interviewed on Mike Wallace's show that he would most likely be attacked and whatever he said would be taken and twisted and ultimately used against him. However, as my friend stated, his commitment to Sister Betty Shabazz and the Shabazz family meant more to him than the wrath of the media and those who already hate him. He has been through the fire, so there is nothing that they could do that could be any worse than what he has already endured and is still enduring. Minister Farrakhan is a man of his word, and back on October 16, 1995 at the Million Man March, he made it publicly known that he was sorry for the things that he had said that helped fuel the fire and contributed to Bro. Malcolm's assassination. He had already begun a dialogue with Sister Betty before the Million Man March in an effort to heal the wounds between both families. What you may or may not know is that Malcolm and Minsister Farrakhan, then known as Minister Louis X, were very close. Minister Farrakhan was like a little brother to Malcolm and Malcolm trained him and looked out for him and his young family's well being as if he were his blood brother. They were very close. If you have followed Minister Farrakhan over the years, when you heard him speak, you were listening to Malcolm. All of the young ministers in the Nation at that time were patterning themselves after Bro. Malcolm. They were doing it to the extent that he sent word to all the temples to have them to develop a style of their own and be themselves and to stop imitating him. That is just how special Malcolm was and still is. I pray that you and others who have this love/hate feeling for Minister Farrakhan will bother to listen to him speak for yourself and read and study books by him and Malcolm, and then come up with an educated opinion of who both of these great men really are, and how they impact Black people. Please don't allow yourselves to be puppets and parrots of the media who don't care for Farrakhan and did not love Malcolm

By cynthia ( - on Friday, February 2, 2001 - 12:28 pm:

Unh Huh,

Seems to me that you are one of the people that needs to take the messages of Malcolm to heart --"They were doing it to the extent that he sent word to all the temples to have them to develop a style of their own and be themselves and to stop imitating .." Min Farrakhan has a special place in my heart BUT my personal opinion is that he is not being true (loaded statement) to who he is and what he is supposed to be about. We all have to find a balance/good operating point inorder to honor/respect/protect those things/people/causes/ideals/values/experiences that are near and dear to us while moving forward/being who GOD created us to be. MLK Jr did a wonderful sermon that speaks to this -- I can't remember the name of it right now, but I (me,Cynthia) believe that it is TIME in the Black community to deal effective with THAT reality. Malcolm, in my opinion, is/was one the best illustrative examples of beginning to put that into practice after his split. Again I will say "Farrakhan and the people that are crying about this whole episode are full of it. If they believe that the media is no good/unfair and know about the spin that the media puts on things that causes misunderstanding, then why did he sit down in the first place?? " I understand and appreciate what he wanted/was trying to do, but if his intentions and motive were good/pure let some stuff go. They/he felt that way (about the media) prior to the interview. If you THINK you know a snake is a snake -- WHY YOU TRIPPIN when it bites you??? Do you think you are different or special??? And even if you do think you are different or special, when you find out you are "that you are treated just like a regular ole negro" whats the problem -- you knew that did't ya?
Maybe I am just being a little suspicious, but I question whether "the student" and "bmawute" are one in the same person

By Cynthia ( - on Monday, February 19, 2001 - 02:12 pm:

I posted a reply to bmawute/the student, but it did not get posted. In light of what just happened to Khalid M. I would like to continue this discussion. The original second message that I tried to post was very relevant to the continuation of this discussion, so I am going to take a minute to regather my thoughts/comments and then repost.

By Jim ( - on Tuesday, February 20, 2001 - 12:43 pm:

The death of Khalid Muhammad can only be taken as a good thing. He was as vile a racist as has ever lived, as dishonest as the day was long, hateful to the core, blinded by racism of his own creation. It was his very racism and hatefulness that endeared him to people who shared his beliefs, and nothing could defame them more than their affection for such a disgraceful human being. I feel sorry for the doctors who were charged with the task of treating him. How do you care for an invertibrate who earned his fame and made his money by espousing hatred of people like you? In any event, the end result is that he died, and for that we should all be thankful.

By More useless convo. on past dead •••••,mean while the crackers keep you jumping and bumping around like the box of rocks too many have become,and HRH-DARKOVERLORD WATCHES AND IS SAD AT WHAT HE SEE'S ( - on Tuesday, February 20, 2001 - 02:03 pm:

Farrakhan did to Khalid,what Eligha did to Malcolm. The only differents was Eligha was fooled into deserting Malcolm,by FBI operatives that were close to him. Farrakhan was jealous of Malcolm,and he went along with the attacks on him.
What's sad is in both cases white people were able to create these divisions.Farrkhan lost all my respect,the moment he hooked up with that right wing christian dog Sunyet Moon. His removal of Khalid,was the final nail in his coffin.To think after all Farrakhan, has seen and done,that he would so easily cast aside the Bro., who like Malcolm to Eligha,was his student and right hand man,tells me that Farrakhan learned nothing from past history.How much more of a hypocritic can you be,to let the white media and their NEGROBOTIC STOOGES,force you into getting rid of your most ardent support for saying the very things,you taught him.

I met Farrakhan on two occasions,it really saddens me to see him,benting over for these white leeches and the blood sucking jews. He has turned into a cult of personality and a Jessie jackoff clone.

Khalid wasn't lying about anything that he said,that's why he's dead.The one thing in this life that's certain is this,if your really a threat to this Facist nation,then you will be ''TERMINATED WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE". Since Farrakhan is still alive that means,his balls have been taken and he poses no threat to anyone but black people who might openly question his backstepping toward Amerikka Facism.

I stop buying the paper,cuz it's turned into a cult of personality show for Farrakhan and his wife. They are starting to make themselves into some kind of twisted royal/god heads,just like that fuk up bastard,Sunyoung Moon.

If you don't know anything about the Moonies,do yourself a favor and go do some serious reading.These wicked bastards are about creating robotic like followers,who are worked like slaves to make money for Rev. Moon and his degenrate family.His goddam son is a murder,who thought he could get away with it, because of his fathers status. NOI is doing the samething with it's followers,from the bean pies to the newspapers and photos of Farrakhans wife,that they have to sell.

Alot of the business the nation has are after all these yrs. still poorly run,there is know excuse for this.As to Farrakhans contributions to black people other then alot of talk,we don't see much else. I've had friends and family who were in the nation,so I ain't know middle class negro who didn't like the nation for stupid reasons. To many of you who post on this subject are caught up in the cults of personalites,I call it for what it is,straight up bullshit. One more thing, the nation has never been a progressive or revolutionary organ. What they are is a qausi-facist captiolist /relgious cult plan and simple.

The whole thing about islam and christianty is the same ••••• in different packaging,for the masses of poor sheep like black people to mindless follow. Both of these isms, don't support or push the need for real revolution,that's why they are tolerated by this Facist nation. All you brain dead "true believers",will remain that way cuz to face the truth,would be more then your tiny battered minds could take. The more you cling to these forms of mental brainwashing the less likely,you'll ever be seriously thinking about revolution in any form.So you can contiune your mindless debates about who did what to who,meanwhile Amerikka will contiune to kill your people,and drive the rest of you relgious cultural nationalist groupies,insane.

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