MELANET UnCut Chat and Discussion: When Black Men Ruled The World (On Africentrism): THE TRUTH UNCUT
By Dave ( - on Saturday, October 14, 2000 - 11:27 pm:

The new millenium is finally here and we are still intent on fooling ourselves. Why is it that people just can't stand the truth? In all of the earth which race of people has the most languages and dialects? The answer is not far fetched. The Africans. If we are to go by what the bible says, all of the earths peoples had one language, which was all confused at the tower of babel. It is only natural that the All Mighty God in all his wisdom would split into tiny fragments, the group which poses the most threat to him and thus the blacks must've been very threatening. As we all know ancient egyptians were black or dark skinned at the very least and not blond, blue eyed or white in any form. THe truth will be revealed shortly into this new millenium. Black people(egyptians) enslaved some variant of whites, namely the israelites. Given the law of reaping what you sow, it is only normal for white people to turn around and enslave blacks years after. Blacks cracked the whip on whites, and later on received the short end of the stick (no pun intended). In those days of the negroes Egypt ws the world power with people coming form around the world into her. THe greeks, romans, arabs and so on. These people were later on to drive the native egyptians out of their land into sub-saharan Africa. In those days blacks were the rulers and whites were seen as inferior and their slaves. It is only natural for things to have reversed just in the opposite manner only for THE United States a white man's land to be the dominant city of the world at present. people from all over there world are coming into her. America is at present building or attempting building a missile defense program but the real threat is from within. It wil collapse couple years down as no civilization under the sun and God is know to be indispensible. This year 2000 is a significant year for blacks. Already in Africa now people are turning to the almighty God in large numbers due to the hardships being experienced there. The Almighty GOd is showing compassion on Africa it seems while America has decided to kick him out of their schools and instead replaced him with the Gun. Homosexuality is now a norm in society and the worship of money drives people to a culture which is not brotherly. White people have been given a chance to rule the world and have decided to tag the rest of the world minorities or niggers. They have even called blacks monkeys and less than human. Blacks have become so reviled and just wretched in the earth for going against God and he has debased them to the lowest degree. Let us ask ourselves why is it that the black man is the most athletic, the most entertaining, the one full of so much soul we even surprise ourselves. The black man was the vogue years ago in the world but now it's the white mans turn. Already now people are associating with blacks. Fashion, music, sports trends are being set by blacks. Something is happening, the whites and arabs are repainting the faces of murals in egypt white. I believe there are much more tombs in Egypt which God has hidden only to be revealed to those who will report what they see undistortedly. Blacks are ridiculed all over there world as the lowest creatures on earth. This is a consequence of corrupting the earth with all kinds of religions while in Egypt and not worshipping the true and only God. Imagine if blacks had not been well confounded and divided at the tower of babel. It is only very thrilling to imagine the way things will be in this world. We are coming back but not to enslave any peoples but to correct the wrong we did in the past by leading all people back to the knowledge of God. In a little while not even ten years from now a place called Nigeria is going to be one of the greatest cities ever know to man. South Africa is also going to be great. If you look at the shape of Africa it is like a gun and guess what, Nigeria is at the trigger position and south africa is at the tip of the gun. No wonder why the devil has for so many years suppressed Africa seeing the potential in it. In all of the world tell me which continent has the most riches? Mark my words, Africans are going to be the richest people in this new millenium in the near future but this wealth is to be used in spreading GOd's gospel of Jesus who is a messiah of all peoples. I believe God wants to have mercy on black people and reinstate their dignity and honor and this is not too far coming. Let time reveal the truth about the past and what the future holds. Let us wait and see. This is coming from a human being of mixed heritage namely Greek and Black African.

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