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Eurocentric History
January 17, 1999
© Akhilesh Mithal
Falsehood of Eurocentric History!

The second millennium if the Christian era is
about to end. It is the most dominant of eras
since about 1492 when the Christian Church got its
political act together in the Iberian Peninsula of
Europe. It was able to get the last remaining
kingdom ruled by a ‘Muslim’ dynasty, Granada,
attached and defeated and conquered.
The new rulers Ferdinand and Isabella rode in
triumph through the streets if this most beautiful
albeit ‘Moorish’ city. They made it a capital
offence for a Muslim to live in their realm. Mass
conversions and deportations of the
unwilling-to-convert followed.
To make the draconian order more lucrative to both
the Church and the State Jews were also included
in the interdict and the proscription. Many Jews
and Muslims crossed over to Portugal. Their relief
was short-lived. A daughter of Ferdinand and
Isabella was given in wedlock to the King of
Portugal; on condition that he emulate the
scintillating example of Spain. The second
uprooting took place.
The ascendancy of Christianity as interpreted by
white Europeans may well have propagated ideals
and ideas which the Lord Jesus Christ would find
difficult to reconcile with the title ‘Prince of
Peace’! The bloodshed caused by self-professed
‘Christians’ in the Crusades had occurred at the
start of the second millennium.
The deadliness came in with the development of
firearms which made white Europeans not only
invincible but most dangerous whether they were
resisted or allowed to win without a fight. They
used the fact of their enemy being non-Christian
to indulge in their most sadistic bloodlust.
Even today, Bill Clinton is supported by Britain
and Australia when he sends Death and Destruction
into the coloured world of Sudan, Afghanistan and
Iraq. In 1945 Britain and the USA sent atom bombs
to Hiroshima and Nagasaki although the Japanese
war machine was already crumbling.
The Japs delude themselves if they believe that
just because the Apartheid practising white South
Africans accorded them ‘white’ status to enable
five star hotels to make money they are indeed
accepted as White! When it came to the crunch the
‘white’ Germans were not given the deathblow of an
atomic strike.
The Japanese were not given one but two. Just to
make sure.The above bhoumika or preamble or, in
modern management terminology ‘make ready’ writing
is to ask the reader to assess the past or about
to be past millennium from the native, ‘ethnic’ or
Indian point of view.
The media will be flooded by the US American and
European inputs and our lazy writers and
journalists will ‘copy’ with the minimum changes
necessary to pass muster. A recent article for
school children in a prominent English daily
talked of dividing the 2nd millennium into four
parts. The first was ‘Dark Ages’.
This section talked of Europe in the majority of
the coverage. All about ‘Europe being split into
small kingdoms’ and the feudal system. It went on
to say ‘Church was the binding force and all
kingdoms owing allegiance to the Church fought
Ottoman Turks in wars known as the Crusades’!
Finally, in the last two sentences on this section
entitled ‘The Dark Ages’ India rises above the
surface of the writers Eurocentric prejudice and
we learn ‘In India the first Islamic rulers set up
the Delhi Sultanate’.The second section of the
four into which the departing millennium is
divided is entitled ‘The Age of Reason’. Here too
the talk is irrelevant to India as agriculture is
‘giving way to industry’!
The last two lines are again about India. The
beginnings of Colonial Rule are seen in India and
the French, the Portuguese, the English.’The next
sentence should swell the English chests with
pride regardless of its accuracy or effect on the
‘native’ ‘ethnic’ Indians.“
British Rule was firmly established and India came
under one uniform administration and was linked by
transport and communication infrastructure.’The
implications, dear reader is that before the white
man took up his most onerous burden there was an
absence of all-India transport and communications
The Mauryas, who ruled from the Oxus to at least
Chitaldurg district in Karnataka, the Mughals who
were considered suzerain even in Kerala did
without transport and communication links. All the
current talk of connecting rivers and having super
highways are only the gilding the lily created by
the British!
Perhaps it is a good occasion, this twilight of
the second millennium of the Christian era to move
away from the Eurocentricism imposed by the
colonial experience. The first half of the period
(1001-1501) sees people in Asia, the Americas,
Africa and Australia living their own lives.
Letting ‘native, ethnic’ genius had a free rein.
The architectural remains include the cyclopean
masses created by the Incas. In India we have the
tallest free-standing tower — Qutub Minar. In the
deccan we have the superb Charminar. Also the
fantastic temples of the Empire of Vijayanagar.
The Taj may be the best known but it is only one
of the marvels.
There was also the Peacock Throne. the great city
of Shahjahanabad with its quite successful effort
of creating a veritable ‘Heaven on Earth’.The
scientific achievements of Europe, especially in
metallurgy enabled them to produce firearms far
superior to any in the rest of the world.
This made them world-beaters and world conquerors
from the 16th Century onwards. the result was that
all the world was looted in order to benefit
Europe. the cultures and civilisations of Asia,
the Americas, Africa and Australia were
systematically destroyed.
The peoples who emulated the ignoble European
example like the Russians after Peter ‘the Great’
and the Japanese showed that cruelty is no
discriminator on grounds of colour.The hatred
preached by the Europeans on grounds of their
colour and interpretation of Christianity has been
the curse of the second half of the millennium
about to end.
We see six per cent of humanity, the population of
the USA, consumes 40 per cent of the resources of
the world. Even in the USA there is grinding
poverty. Not only in the traditionally deprived
and disadvantaged blacks but also whites.
Although a self-proclaimed Hindu (The Rashtriya
Swayamsewak Sangh today takes great pains to
distance themselves from him!), Nathuram Vinayak
Godse killed him by pumping three bullets into his
bare chest before the half of the 20th century was
over (January 30, 1948) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
has left a detailed model for simple living and
high thinking.
A detailed model for life without plundering all
natural resources, was dismissed as a ‘crank’s
view’. The emphasis is on ‘market mechanism’. This
ideal has not solved even the comparatively
smaller problems of the West.
The half millennium of European dominance has been
disastrous for all of mankind except for favoured
groups like the Nazis, the Fascists, the cabals of
the Stalinist Communist Party and the White
Anglo-Saxon Protestant and their look alikes like
Should there not be a search for alternatives, a
debate for the model to be sought in the 21st
century, the third millennium? Perhaps gender will
then come into its own and humanity will again be
foremost and not a problem.

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