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Kwanzaa Forum

Learn about it and then discuss its meaning here.

When Black Men Ruled The WorldWhen Black Men Ruled The World (On Africentrism)

Read it then come back and discuss it here.

Moderated discussion on Africentrism led by Legrand H. Clegg II
publisher of MA'AT News.

Welcome to UnCut Talk. In true MELANET tradition, we offer a place on the Net where real discussions take place. Virtually any topic can be explored.

UnCut Talk is designed to bring the UnCut Black Experience to the world. Participants will be able to dialog with newsmakers, business people, unsung heroes, and everyday people who make the Black Experience so rich and valuable.

With less focus on the same old entertainment-focused chats. We encourage business-to-business, children, problem solving, and plain old fashion village communication. 

UnCut Forums offer important, relevant topics that folks are discussing. In addition, you may start your own important conversation with the online community.

Contact us about sponsoring a forum or setting up a private discussion area today!

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